The Ramblings Of A Mad, White Woman: Blogging Edition

It has come to my attention, recently (okay, for a long time), that there are blogs here and there which paint the picture that the blogger does everything perfectly and has a perfect life with nary a consequence for anything because nothing bad ever seems to happen (for the record, because so many people have asked me, I have a baking blog AND I stay this "thin" because I exercise to eat. I am baking on, usually, at LEAST, a bi-weekly basis. I LOVE baking. It's therapy. But I also don't want to look like Jabba the Hut. So basically I will break a sweat just enough to eat cake. It's logical?).
Those blogs all have their readers and their place (hey, I have DREAMT of being able to craft the way they do), and that is great.

My point is, I promise there is one, I really really REALLY hope that I don't give off any false impression of what my life is like. Bloggers tend to "dress" their blogs in their prettiest clothes, and then leave the cookie pants at the bottom of the drawer, so no one else can see them.

I just write what's in my brain, and leave it at that.  My husband really is that tall, my dog really is that weird, and I really am much louder in person than I am on here.

I have yet to receive any criticism for this particular blog, and I suppose I would feel about criticism the way I feel when I see it on my favorite blogs. If you don't like it, don't read it. But I would be ever so happy if you DID read it :)
AND I thank you for reading it! Whatever it is...

Anyways, this is turning into some kind of rambling something. I have chosen to provide written evidence unto you, that I don't think I have portrayed my life as some perfect ice cream land?

Do you remember that one time my husband turned down the volume on my favorite No Doubt song and I very nearly killed him?

And then there was that incident when I left my homemade pizza out on the counter all night. So heartbreaking.

Sometimes I get lost and have a tire blowout. 

Also, sometimes I call the cops on people.

I am NOT a good four square player. Or maybe it's just not as fun as I remember it being...

And, like so many, I regret much in life. Especially double sided tape.

So there you have it.
Let there be no pretense between me and thee, dear readers.
I am just as whacked out as all of you.
And sometimes I have ridiculous bursts of awesome.

And now for your visual consideration: