The Anatomy Of A Jacked Up Weekend

This weekend was one of those weekends where everything happened backwards. Like, the opposite. Like, you're expecting Santa to fly overhead and shower down candy canes but instead he tramples through your flower beds, throwing coal at you. Right? (is it Christmas yet?)
Mike and I had big plans. BIG plans. There were two big events happening. One, UT was destined to beat BYU. We found out, 2 years ago, that this game was going to come to pass. So, 2 years ago, Mike and I said to our friend Vanae (who gets season tickets to UT football, as well she should because she's awesome) 'Hey you. UT, BYU, we don't care the cost, we will witness it.' And she said 'Fine.' So we've "essentially" kind of had tickets to this game for about 2 years.
The other big event was Mike's army family day. It was big to me because I haven't met anyone in Mike's unit and I don't know any other wives/mothers/mistresses/mechanics/girlfriends of Mike's army group people (you will note that I am lacking in my intelligence of military terms) Anyways, I was really looking forward to hanging out in a park, meeting people. Also kind of nervous. I feel out of place in the military, so nervous. Yes.

Moving on.

I got off of work on Saturday at about, let's say, one?
I was torn. Do I take Pete to play in the two hours before I leave to meet Mike to go to the game? Do I start laundry? Do I take a nap? Do I see what dumb shows are on right now?
The nap won.
And then I got a text message from Mike, around two, which basically said he was on a convoy to Fort Hood to do some something or other. Now, let me paint a picture for you, Fort Hood is already about an hour and fifteen minutesish away in a normal car. In a convoy of humvees and big trucks and what not, it's probably longer (although it sounds like they had a good time getting people to wave at them). At about that point, we saw our hopes and dreams of the past two years crumbling down around us. In all actuality, when I woke up Saturday morning, I thought 'We won't be going to the game tonight' I don't know why I thought that then, but now we do know, right? Very sad. I'd been talking lots of smack about BYU going down, and I was really looking forward to seeing it all happen.
Mike finally got home around 7:15, an hour and fifteen minutes into the game...., so we did what any warm blooded Texan does when they're missing a football game they've been dreaming of for years. We got Mexican food.
Moving on to Sunday. I had every intention of skipping church. Family day was supposed to start at 9. That's when church starts. Sometimes you make exceptions for these things right? I'm leaving the apartment to drive all the way over to who knows where on the other side of Austin, when Mike calls me and tells me it's delayed and he doesn't know when it'll start but he'll definitely call me when he knows. Blah blah blah. The army was creating a pattern of last minute decisions for the weekend (also this is a pattern that they've created in general, mostly). So, I went to church and took the sacrament. I'm not gonna lie, it was nice :) I'm glad I did. Otherwise I might not have seen Dean in his burnt orange suit. (you know because UT won and all)
I go home and wait. And almost fall asleep. And wait. And Mike calls and says it's at eleven and here are directions and I love you bye. Also Pete was allowed to go. So I load up Pete and we drive all the way over to the other side of who knows where and I'm getting lost right? And I'm talking to Mike on the phone, irritated because directions are not working, and I'm going through tolls left and right, when my car starts driving funny and the air starts to smell the same (funny). I pull over. Look at that, a blown out tire. Luckily, my husband also was in the general vicinity of the other side of who knows where, so he came to change my tire. At this point, we were both tired and hungry and I couldn't have cared less about meeting army people.
We broke the Sabbath.
We were on the other side of nowhere people! And the ox was in the mire I think. We got food, because it was a long way home, and took my tire to get replaced.

And that's how a weekend gets jacked up.

There were a couple of good things that happened, though. You know, UT beating BYU and blah blah blah. Also, to kill time while we waited for them to fix my tire, we took Pete to play in a park. While we were sitting on a hill watching him trot around, he came and laid down in front of us. He proceeded to wiggle his way down the hill on his side, head first. Cutest thing I've ever seen.

In conclusion, the fall season has ended, winter has been completely skipped, and summer has returned. Or at least that's how it all feels.

(objects in photo may look shorter than they really are)

Look at little Michael. In his brand new Texas shirt. Bought just for the game. Sad day.