Dreams And Schemes And Ferris Wheels (Or Kites)

Friday night, I was in Tyler, and so my mom was kind enough to let me sleep on the couch at her place. Look, it was better than sleeping in Darius or Holly's beds (which were both empty) because who KNOWS when those two changed their sheets last.

The following is what I dreamed (do you enjoy my sharing of weird dreams? I can stop if this is getting old. I must tell you I never tire of waking up, rolling over and saying "MIKE! Let me tell you about last night's adventures!" And then we laugh.):

Bishop Anderson made a big announcement in sacrament meeting about how excited he was for a haunted cave exhibit to be coming to Austin (kind of like a museum exhibit, except caves. That could be moved around the country?). Anyways, he thought it would be a GREAT ward activity if we all went together after church. So we did.
It turns out they set up the exhibit in the house Mike and I lived in the first year we were married. Except now there were additional hallways, and we had to take an elevator to get to the caves.
Bishop Anderson was pretty adamant about everyone being there on time, and told us that he would be first in line and would NOT be saving places if we didn't show up on time (I wish you knew my bishop, then you would know how even more bizarre this is). Luckily, Mike and I showed up on time. And also a girl I used to Irish dance with waaaay back in the day.
Naturally, the bishop suggested that we pray before going on a haunted tour of the caves. So this girl volunteered, and she started to pray but then stopped after 5 words. So I started praying and she started praying over me so I got annoyed and stopped so she could finish praying. That part is probably the funniest to me.
And then we started our tour of the haunted caves, and I was at the front with a small group of people who got separated from the rest of the group and we were getting locked in a room!

And then my mom woke me up and paid for my breakfast.

Good thing too, I was kind of scared of what was going to happen to us once the haunted cave room door was closed (and it looked remarkably like a relief society room?). And yet a little bit annoyed at my mom because I was kind of interested in what was going to happen to us once the haunted cave room door was closed.

Also, while we were eating breakfast, mom looked out the window and just about had a heart attack because it appeared that someone was driving off in her car. Except it was on the other side of the parking lot and it wasn't her car.
We had a good laugh over that one.
Sometimes, okay basically all of the times, I wish she was not a four hour drive away from me. I used to think that my weird, sick sense of humor came entirely from my dad, but the more I get to know my mom as an adult (me as an adult I mean, and noticing things the way grown ups do), the more I realize she's just about as weird as the rest of us.
Case in point, she's getting new chairs for her dining room table (may the old ones rest in pieces) and the table had to be cut down a couple of inches because it's abnormally high. I got a text from her last night saying "My table got castrated!"

Speaking of weird and scary things, I somehow got talked into working out with my friend Ben this morning. He's a fitness instructor extraordinaire. After our workout, I texted his wife and told her that he's probably related to Satan somehow.
The silver lining? The other woman that I will be working out with is BRITISH. It gets better. She's a banker. From London. We could fly kites together.
Unless she tries to take my money that I've been saving for the bird lady... Then it is ON.

Speaking of weird and scary things again, these guys frightened the ever loving crap out of me when I was a kid (so did uncle what's his name who couldn't stop laughing).

I always lost interest in the movie after everyone jumped back out of the chalk drawing.

Kind of like how "The Sound of Music" gets boring after they get married. Until the Nazis show up and nuns dismantle cars and then it gets interesting again, but by that time it's basically over so why even try?

Addendum: My mom wanted me to let all of you know that the part of the table legs that got cut off was a round part at the bottom and so that's why she said it was castrated.  :-)