An Italian Type Flatbread Style Thing To Eat

Are there two words, in the English language, that sound more beautiful together than 'pizza' and 'night?' Ah. Pizza. Really, I could eat that stuff everyday and never get tired of it! (Also Mexican food and barbecue. Hey! There's my three meals for the day!)
Wait wait wait. Okay there were a couple of summers where I DID get sick of pizza, but please don't tell pizza that. We have a good relationship going right now. We see each other on a weekly basis.
See, I was working at this summer camp of sorts for church, it's called EFY and it's basically the best job I ever had. Anyways, here is me on a particularly horrific pizza night:

(it probably doesn't help that pizza night and game night fell on the SAME night and so I was already feeling tired and disgusting as it was, just in my defense)

Nothing quite ruins pizza like spending the better part of 3 days tracking down 300 people's pizza preferences (or 1,000 like with the picture above, that's only a fraction of the boxes), making sure they get ordered on time, and THEN making sure the right boxes go to the right people. (Also, don't forget offering options for people who don't like pizza or are allergic to things that come in cardboard or blah blah blah)

My point is, I made pizza for dinner last night (legitimate homemade pizza) and then Mike and I left to go see an 80's cover band with my co-workers and guess who left the really good pizza sitting out on the counter and didn't put it in the fridge and now it's ruined and there won't be any leftovers for anyone? We'll just blame it on Pete shall we?

So the moral of THIS post is:
Two things can ruin pizza night: (can you put two colons in a sentence of sorts without any other punctuation between them...?) Organizing pizza for 300+ people and also leaving good pizza out on the counter.