Four Square Champ?

How old am I really? I mean, really??

Last night, for our young women activity, the girls wanted to play outdoor games which somehow turned into the most random game of volleyball I've ever seen and four square. Also, all of this was inside. And also, I suggested four square.
Y'all, that was my game. I remember, in elementary school, when we would have free days in gym (which meant we could do whatever the heck we wanted; so, for the non-athletically-inclined such as myself, we could walk around or play fun games, while the "serious" athletes played football or basketball or some other game in which people think I look comical when attempting), I was aaaaaaaaaalways playing four square! Not tether ball. I hated tether ball. But then, that's not usually the favorite game of people as short tall as I am. My point is, four square was awesome! Or it was 16 years ago? I couldn't remember, having not played it since the 5th grade. Until last night (dun dun DUN!).

So I find some tape, and we tape off a four square court (I'm going to call it a court so that it makes it sound like we were doing something official and intense) and me and my friend Stacey (the other leader over our lovely Beehives) ask them to refresh the rules for us, please. Here is what we heard:

"Okay first of all, is the king this square or this one?"
"Are we doing cherry bombs?"
"Alright guys, no chicken feeting, dive bombing, rubber necking, tax evasion, or reincarnation." (I might have made some of those up just now, but I distinctly remember chicken feeting, followed by a long list of I don't know what)
And so on and so forth.

Stacey and I just kind of looked at each other like 'What the devil are they talking about?' and then I asked "So.... is someone out if it lands on a line?" (that was the ONE rule I could remember from days of yore) And I learned that that is now considered a re-do. My how the times change.

So we played. And people, four square is not as fun as it was years ago. It probably didn't help that we were playing with a volleyball (we were adapting, okay?). And I was really "good" at meaning to bounce it in one person's square but it would bounce in someone else's, but at an angle that neither of them could've hit the ball from, and so then we'd all kind of look at each other and then they'd all kind of look at me and I'd say "Fine! That one's on me!" I spent most of my time on the bench.

In other news, I went to go get my blood drawn the other day. While waiting, an old man came in but couldn't have his blood drawn because he wasn't fasting. So he left, singing "A Foggy Day In London Town." It made me smile real big, however it didn't make up for the fact that I had to wait 30 minutes and proceeded to have my blood drawn by a phlebotomy student (I can still see where she stuck me... 2 days later...).

Also, Mike is going to be making THIS for my birthday.