Three Cheers For My Big Sister!!

Do you want to know what came in the mail for me the other day????

(I don't think that any of you will be hunting my sister and I down, but I felt marking out our addresses was just a responsible thing to do...)

Right? Right??? The only thing that would have made it better is if it had been tied up with string!!! Okay, now do you want to know what was inside?????

I know!!! I TOLD y'all I would find it one way or another!!!!
And for some reason my sister was more than happy to get it out of her house. I can't begin to imagine why... I'll just be returning it at Pretend Thanksgiving anyways! (You will all find out more about Pretend Thanksgiving when I'm good and ready to tell you about it)

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it's a month away? And Christmas is TWO months away?!?! It's really happening!!!!


Mike: There was this cat wandering around the parking lot earlier, meowing like it needed to be raped.
Me: Oh my gosh.
Mike: What?
Me: You could've just said it was in heat.
Mike: Could've.