The Media In My Mind

So, I've got favorite books and movies. Does anyone else watch certain movies and read certain books at specific times of the year?

For example, I love 'Beauty and the Beast.' It's my favorite Disney movie, but for some reason I only watch it in the fall. Maybe it's because I got it for my birthday many many MANY years ago and I have a fall birthday so I associate it with that?

I'm not sure why my brain decides these things. I think it's either because I associate certain books and movies with the time of year that I first saw them, or I feel that the books or movies represent a specific season. Is this making sense to anyone?

Oh but then there's the ones like 'Little Women' (I'm speaking of the movie) and 'Summer Magic.' 'Little Women' is a SPLENDID springtime movie, but I like watching it at Christmas time too! And 'Summer Magic,' while mostly taking place in the summer, ends in the autumn so which one do you choose?? I've watched it in both seasons and it works either way.

This one makes absolutely no sense. Are you familiar with 'A Long Fatal Love Chase' by Louisa May Alcott? It is a fantastic book. (as a side note, it wasn't discovered until after she died, so it's not as well edited as her other books, but still good) Basically, this woman is chased, her entire life, by a man who is obsessed with her. Doesn't that just remind you of jingle bells and gingerbread? Probably not. BUT, I read it every Christmas! WHY!? I think because I read it, for the first time, 3 years ago right before Christmas. Is it weird how my mind ties these things together? Also, the 'Lord of the Rings' movies. I love them, but only watch them when it's cold. I guess if you're going to be sitting there for a good 3 hours, you might as well hunker down under a blanket with socks on. See? They all just go together.

So, we're going into fall (Any day now...that fall weather is gonna kick in... People were swimming at the community pool yesterday. SEPTEMBER 28TH PEOPLE. SWIMMING. There are probably people in Montana hoarding nuts and squirrels for the winter right now. I'm almost sure of it.) What types of movies and literature do I engage in at this time? Well, currently, I'm reading 'Anne of Green Gables.' It's been awhile, and it's high time I read it again. That one could go either way. It's a fall or a spring read. For some reason, I enjoy Mary Higgins Clark when it's cold outside, so if things ever cool down, I might try and solve a murder or something.

Movies on my brain's "to watch" list include 'Stardust' and 'Across the Universe.' Mike and I dated during the fall, and we saw both of those movies in the theater. See how my brain connects these things? Also, since October is quickly approaching, I need to find a way to get my hands on a copy of 'Ernest Scared Stupid.' Stop judging me. That is a classic Halloween movie. (MIAK!) Also 'Hocus Pocus.' I never get tired of that one. And, I like to decorate Halloween cookies while watching 'Nightmare Before Christmas' which I feel is more of a Halloween than a Christmas movie. But that's just me.

Get ready for one of my most bizarre qualities:

This is also the time of year that I feel a need to watch musicals in concert, while baking. Is that weird? Having them on as background noise? Not just the music, but the visuals as well? It's not like I even watch them while they're on! I'm too busy paying attention to whatever I'm baking! I really can't explain this one. I have no idea why in the fall and winter I like having those on while I bake. Not spring or summer. Fall and Winter.

I really don't make much sense do I?