An Explanation

I had a realization today. Ever since I married this Mike, I've noticed something about him. There has been a drastic increase in his amount of randomness/dorkiness/non-sensicalness (doesn't using nonsensical sound SO Jane Austen?? You know!! At the end of the movie when Elizabeth Bennett says "I've been nonsensical" as would ANYONE who realized they hadn't been in love with Mr. Darcy when they should have been). I thought to myself "What on earth could have caused such a thing to happen?" I racked my brain for hours on end, interrupted with ridiculous amounts of reading other people's blogs. I thought back in time and realized that his decline in reason began around the day we got married.
And then I came to a startling conclusion:

I just might be the cause.

Now, I'm aware that I'm not what most people would call "demure" or "quiet" or even "cooperative," so I really am leaning in the direction that I've had some sort of bizarre, if not magnificent, effect on Mike. But here's how I'm choosing to look at it, just stay with me on this one okay?

It's like I'm some sort of magical...


I mean, right?? It makes PERFECT sense!!! Mike was PLENTY weird when I met him (how else would I have been attracted to him??? have you got a load of my family? we're not exactly normal-ville) but I've truly helped that aspect of himself to flourish. I think it's a pretty great thing that I've done. I've been such an inspiration. And there is enough of me to go around. I CAN INSPIRE YOU ALL!!!

And so I present to you, the many aspects of a muse. Use them to be inspired, and also I don't think that you guys see my face enough.
As taken by my musee: (is that what you call someone who uses a muse? musee? like an employee?)

Mike says I make this face all of the time. I can only think of one other time I've used it* (can someone please send me back to Ireland?)


This is my Snoopy vulture face**


My musee brings great joy into my life <3