Current Events (And The Photos That Love Them)

Alright. By show of hands, who remembers the official "Sandi's Blog Book of Mormon Challenge?" Good, good. I'm glad you remembered. So this is where I'm at. Just finished Jacob! Like, 20 minutes ago. Seriously. I feel that I would be starting Mosiah if it wasn't for all of the nausea that came to visit a couple of weeks ago. Anyways, I like how Jacob ends his book. Because you think he wraps everything up so nicely in chapter 6 ('O be wise, what can I say more?' - so simple, so difficult...) but then Sherem trots on into town and starts denying gospel things left and right, and Jacob felt it was important for us to learn about how that all went down (if you don't know how it went down, you should read it) And rightfully so. There's much to learn in chapter 7.
Anyways, where you at, dawgs? (by show of hands, who thinks I should stop speaking ghetto?)

Keep it up! You can do it!

So, I may not know how to make cannolis, BUT I made stromboli for the first time tonight! And I CAN make it!! It must've been good, because out of an entire loaf of bread's worth, this is what's left... (mom, this recipe is in that beef recipe book, pepperoni stromboli, MAKE IT!) 

Now, I would like to give you a presentation of how I reward recipes that are good:

Somewhere in my mind, I decided that good recipes deserve stars (probably from reading 'You are Special') I'm sure that at some point, the number of exclamation points had some sort of meaning, but if they did I can't remember what it was so it has become superfluous. I just add them for emphasis, or so it would seem. Also, I think they make the recipes feel better about themselves.

Moving on:

Here is a recipe that deserved no reward of any kind. That is why it simply says 'NO,' so that in the future, if I happen upon this recipe again and I begin to think 'Hmmm I think I will try these soft and cake-like chocolate chip cookies--oh no. Wait. Nope. That clearly says NO.' I will then move onto bigger and better recipes. (This one was HIGHLY disappointing. The cookies were neither cake like nor cookie like. They were soft. And not the good kind of soft cookie soft. That was about it.)

And we return to non recipe related things.

You might be looking at this picture thinking 'What does a spiral bound, blue book have anything to do with anything?' Let me tell you. That's my biology workbook. I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back because I FINISHED IT! David Attenborough and I have finished our journey around, through, and above the planet (there's spiders in the sky, people; tiny, tiny spiders; high, where planes fly) and I take my final test tomorrow. I have answered questions on almost every single page in that book. Tedious, yes. Awesome, definitely. I have learned a ridiculous amount about how this planet functions, and it's been pretty sweet. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a class as much as I've enjoyed this one. And it's DONE!

And finally, one last current event which is shrouded in speculation (insert creepy music, mood-setting smoke, and the host of 'Unsolved Mysteries' here)This shirt mysteriously appeared in the hallway water closet 3 days ago. Where did it come from? What does it mean? Who does it belong to? And more importantly, will it ever disappear?? Only time, and the giant man I live with, will tell.