A Challenge, Of The Book Of Mormon Kind

I didn't do it... People reading this, who go to church with me, probably know what I'm talking about. At the beginning of June, Bishop Anderson challenged us to read the Book of Mormon, in its entirety, by September 1st. I want you all to take a moment and look at your calendars. Today is August 31st. That means that tomorrow is September 1st. That means...

I didn't make it.

I don't even have a valuable excuse! Like, I lost my vision and was so traumatized by it I didn't take the time to learn braille and read it that way or even listen to it. Or, some commies stole all sets of scriptures that I could gain any access to and sold them on the Russian black market. Or, Texas A&M is running from the Big 12 and... no that's not really an excuse. See? No valuable excuses. The truth is, there isn't a valuable excuse, that exists (that I can think of), for not reading the Book of Mormon.

So, here is what I propose. Wait.

Let me preface this, before I make any sort of romantic proposals. Last summer, when I lived with my mom (remember? Mike was learning Army?), we had stake conference and President Anderson challenged the stake to read the Book of Mormon before the end of the year. I did it. It was awesome. It really felt like I learned something new, and changed something (sometimes big, sometimes small) about myself almost every day. (Isn't it wonderful when you read a book over and over again, and you still learn new things from it??)
Are you all picking up what I'm putting down, at this point? I am challenging myself to read the Book of Mormon, from beginning to end, between September 1st and December 31st (of this year, not next...) I am hoping to have a similar, if not better, experience to the one I had last year when I read it.

Also, I'm extending this challenge to you. Take it if you will. (Oh please say you will, I would love to hear the things that you learn) I will be following up with you, on this, in about 4 months.