Happiness Is...

Happiness is going to work, thinking that you'll be working tomorrow morning, and then learning that you have the whole day off instead. (this is when you disable your Tuesday morning alarm on your phone)

Happiness is also a pajama wearing child scowling at you. Let me 'splain:
There's two levels for the swim lessons where I work. When a kid graduates from one, they get a t-shirt and their picture taken and we 'ooo' and 'ahhh' and tell them how hard they've worked. So, this 5 year old boy graduates level one tonight, and I give him his shirt and I'm getting ready to take his picture and he keeps scowling at me and yanking on the neck of the shirt. I look at the mom and she says 'It's too big, he just doesn't like it.' So we laughed at him. You just had to be there. It wasn't the kind of laughing at him that would scar him for life. So I take the picture, which was hilarious because he's glaring at me and then I say 'SMILE!' and he smiles for an instant and then goes back to glaring. By the time I get back around to my computer, they decided he would like the smaller size, even though he'll probably grow out of it by next week. You know. Kids these days. They're always growing. Probably my favorite part of the whole thing is that he was also wearing his pajamas because he was going straight to bed once they got home. So there is a picture of him in a shirt that he feels is too large and also Buzz Lightyear legging pants he is wearing.

Happiness is learning how to make cannolis. All of a sudden tonight, I thought 'I would like to learn how to make cannolis.' Like an insatiable need to do it! Who's going to teach me?

Happiness is puppy puppy kisses when you get home.