'Tis Blarney

Top 'o the marnin' to ya!

Oh man. I love St. Patrick's Day. It's my favorite. Everyone gets to be Irish today. It's like a dream come true.
If all goes to plan, Mike and I will be taking the train downtown (we'd normally drive but SXSW has driven parking prices to obscene amounts) and checking out B. D. Riley's pub for lunch. We'd go for dinner but I can't really think of anything worth being on 6th street for when it's St. Patrick's Day night and SXSW is going on.

So, wear your green today, fake your Irish accent, whack someone with a shillelagh, party responsibly, and enjoy some of my favorite Irish things:

Have you SEEN "The Happiest Millionaire"?!!?!? That movie is Magic. I've loved Cordelia Drexel Biddle ever since I was a little girl.

If I could sell my soul to dance like anyone, it would be Jean Butler. Or Shakira. But mostly Jean Butler (as a side note, I used to have "The Countess Cathleen" on my phone as my wake up alarm every morning. Lovely).

This. Chocolate. Changed. My. Life.

When we were in Dublin, we did a musical pub crawl. It was fantastic. We followed these two musicians to 3 different pubs and they played and sang and taught us a bit about the music (at one point, we could barely hear them because there was a group of old, Welsh men downstairs, who were drunk and singing drinking songs loudly. They were celebrating Wales beating Ireland in rugby. It was one of those instants where you just hug yourself and try to remember that moment forever.)

I just realized I have all of Darius' pictures that he took from our trip a couple of years ago. 
Here's one for the Christmas card:

And finally, a random video he shot when we were standing outside Temple Bar. Nothing fantastic, just a great reminder <3 (you will note I was still wearing the red coat and green scarf, because it was SO FREAKING COLD)

Have a happy green day everyone!
(and give a little orange love to the Northern Irish, while you're at it. Also, watch "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" for crying out loud.) 

P to the S, my nails are ready for the blessed day as well.
Check it:

Tutorial here, for anyone who cares...