Remember how I couldn't find the picture of Heidi "helping" me feed Pete?

I found it in a stack of pictures I had sent to Mike while he was at basic. And while the food/water didn't fill the bowl to the top, as I thought it had, it's still pretty funny.

It was cute because one second she was scowling for getting in trouble then the next she was posing for the picture. Then immediately after the picture she was back to scowling again (please make note of Pete's ear in the bottom right corner).

And now, some of my favorite things from St. Patrick's Day:

*Mike had fish and chips for lunch. I had bangers and mash. BANGERS. AND. MASH. I know.
AND we watched rugby (as a side note, if you're in Austin and want a pretty close to authentic pub experience, go to B. D. Riley's. It was GREAT).

*We were trying to decide whether or not we wanted to walk the two miles from the pub to Gourdough's (we didn't...) when a guy walked by and said "WOW! You guys are REALLY wearing green for St. Patrick's Day!" and I turned to Mike and said "Was he high?" and Mike said "Probably."

*On the train ride home, there was an impromptu sing along, involving mostly everyone in our car, to the "Sesame Street" song. True story. Guess who DIDN'T sing along. I'll give you a hint, his name begins with M and ends with IKE.

*We discovered the other ear missing off of Pete's birthday pig. Mike didn't cut it off. I didn't cut it off. I expect it will be pooped out eventually.

*Mike fixed his car with duct tape and pennies.

*Speaking of that pig, Mike found a tick on it while we were watching a movie. So, don't even worry, not only do I have to be deathly afraid of them while I'm in nature, but also in the comfort of my own home.
I don't think you understand how much I am afraid of getting a tick. When I went on that handcart trek a few years ago, I wore tights AND had tick collars around my ankles (you know, like you put on a dog. I was that paranoid. Aaaand I'd probably do it again. BUT! I wasn't the only crazy doing that. You know who you are...). And I sprayed the the living daylights out of my skirts with that tick stuff you spray on horses. Granted, by the end of the 3rd and last day, the tights were gone because it was so freaking hot. But I am happy to say that I survived that trek with one, only ONE, mosquito bite. And one heck of a sunburn on my lower neck.