"If You Want More Beats For Your Buck, There's No Luck"

I've got a couple bags of romaine lettuce in my fridge, also a bag of ginormous spinach that came from my in-law's garden (seriously, some of the leaves are the size of my face), and a head and a half of broccoli.
(there's more than this in my fridge, but these are the only items of import for my story. Just FYI...)

Last night I dreamed that I took all of these items somewhere and left them in the trunk of my car, only to forget about them and cry over their demise (This is the same dream in which Mike told me he wanted to try cutting his fingernails more rounded than straight across from now on?).

You can't imagine the relief I felt this morning, in REAL life, when I opened the fridge and discovered all of them in their "crisper" drawer, where they belong.
It was one of those kinds of dreams that seem all too real to be comfortable.
Also, what does "crisper" mean anyways?

Speaking of weird things this morning, Maggie and I went on a walk/run (I'm becoming a beast people, a BEAST. I've almost re-conquered my smallest pair of jeans that I wore before that pregnant thing) and at one point I heard rustling in the bushes. I looked over and saw a squirrel chewing on a giant, black sock.
It was one of those awkward moments where we (the squirrel and me) both froze and made eye contact. My face probably said "What ARE you doing?" and his face definitely said "This is so embarrassing. I can't believe you caught me doing this." And then we broke eye contact and went our separate ways as quickly as we could.
It was kind of like that scene in "The Family Stone" when the guy from "Coach" sees the girl from "Sex in the City" in the bed of Owen Wilson's brother (I know what all of their real names are, but it's more fun to refer to them this way), and they both think that she slept with Owen Wilson's brother but really she didn't.
You know?

THEN Maggie, Pete, and I had to rush a flat-head screwdriver to Mike (long story) and the nice people at Chik-Fil-A gave Pete a doggie treat and Maggie fell asleep in my car to the soothing sounds of 311. Who even knew.

Don't forget to wear green tomorrow! It's my favorite day!

And why was there even a sock in the bushes by our walking trail? It makes me concerned for people messing with Texas.
I'd rather see this going on in the bushes: