The Story Of My Third Trip To The ER

OMG readers (please shoot me if I ever say OMG again). I'm in a serious scatter-brained, nesting type mode this week. Isn't this what pregnant women do?? Hold onto your horses, I'm not with child.

Seriously. First, it was the DVDs and CDs getting organized.
I am happy to report that we got all four bags of cases down the stairs and into the dumpster without incident. At this point I feel I should tell you that Mike took it upon himself to carry two giant stacks, in one trip, down the stairs. I kept waiting for that plan to fail, but he proved me wrong. He did look like some sort of hunchback from behind though...
At THIS point I feel I should tell you that "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding" is still missing (NIAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!). But also, it would appear that I still can't find my copy of Enya's "Watermark," and yet I've held onto the case for about 7 years. I don't know why either. And in a completely different turn of events, despite missing those two discs, I found an extra copy of "Back to the Future III" and it's neither ours or my brother's? So, kind of an exciting adventure.

Okay so NOW I'm re-cataloging all of my recipes.
I take great pride in my recipe collection. It is one thing entirely to have a great collection of cook books (mine does alright for itself), it is another thing altogether to handpick recipes out of magazines, online, people's brains, etc. and organize them for yourself. I feel about my recipes kind of how Gollum felt about the one ring? Sometimes I like to just look at them... So pretty.
Anyways, it is my opinion that my recipes are agents unto themselves, and they have succeeded in not being organized enough, so I've been tackling that project off an on today, between random moments of singing weird songs with Maggie (thank you Wiggles, for "Rock-a-bye Bear").

And also we changed internet companies, and the guy came yesterday to put in the new modem so I also had to completely reorganize the office because the old organization and the new modem just did not go together at all.

See what I mean??? Serious nesting or something.
Sometimes I am magnificent. Sometimes I am a train wreck. Kind of like a salad bar.

Speaking of wrecks, one time, when I was in the first grade, my brother and his friend wanted to ride their bikes down to the school. This was AFTER school, because generally that's the only time children want to be there.
Darius had permission to go. I did not. This fact, however, did not stop me from going. Unfortunately that fact also did not stop me from running into a wall, on my bike, and busting my chin open. It was one of those moments where I didn't start to cry until I looked down and saw the blood on the bricks.
It was a serious, SERIOUS, tender mercy of the Lord that I happened to crash into a wall next to some glass doors that a janitor just happened to be cleaning because he was working late. The nice man rushed me into the nurse's office and started to clean me up while Darius ran off and got mom (her house is all of like 2 minutes from the school on bike. The same school Jeff ran away from in kindergarten but that's a story for another time). Mom came and thanked the man profusely, then rushed me off to the ER for 8 stitches. Four on the inside, four on the outside.

The next day, she went up to the school to give him a thank you card.
Mom said "Is Steve the janitor here?"
And the receptionist said "Steve the janitor has been dead for 50 years..."

Not really, that didn't happen, but how cool if it did? And also I don't remember what his name was but MAN did I get blood all over his shirt!
One more detail to this great story, when we went to get my stitches out, before going on a monumental family road trip to Utah for spring break, they were going to throw away the scissors they used when they were done but my mom thought they would be perfect for cross stitching so they gave them to her and she still has those stitches scissors and she still uses them for cross stitching.

Wasn't that a fascinating diversion? Not quite as diverting as a turn about the room, but I suppose it is a small sort of accomplishment.

Now I'm off to categorize my "Cookies" notebook and watch more of Sheldon's pranks.