"What do you mean he don't eat no meat? That's okay. I make lamb"

I love Nia Vardalos.

You know who I'm talkin' 'bout?

Remember her? She had the original big, fat, whatever wedding.

Oh I loooooooooooove her. She's Greek, she's gorgeous, she's hilarious. It's a good combination.
While "My Life in Ruins" is not the greatest movie ever made, I could watch it on a weekly basis and never get sick of it. I loooooooooooooooove it (there's a lot of love here, but have you even seen her and Toni Collette in "Connie and Carla"???? You'd be in love too). Maybe I should start watching it on a weekly basis? 
I did that once. Twice. Well, for about the length of a summer, I watched "Pride and Prejudice" (Keira Knightley version, thank you. Colin Firth has his place, and all of his 6 hour Mr. Darcy glory, but Keira's is my favorite.) on a bi-weekly basis. Please don't think I'm exaggerating.
Also, when I got "Mamma Mia!" for Christmas one year, I watched it every night while I made dinner. People, it's magic.

Back to Nia.

Last night, I was weeping and wailing and gnashing my teeth (clothes also might have been rent) about how I needed to mop the floors (for a week and a half now...) and I couldn't find the motivation to do it. (I feel like mopping is one of those things that you need to feel in the depths of your soul in order to properly accomplish, and who feels the desire to mop in the depths of their soul? I have too many feelings about chocolate and Irish music and my dog to have any room in my soul for good feelings about mopping. Oh and also my husband. Feelings for him in the depths of my soul too. Speak of the devil-) So that man I married, no wonder the name Michael means "like God," said "Would it help if we took care of it together?" 
Have men, in general, figured out that the best way to a woman's heart (or bed; don't deny it, it's true) is to do housework?
So, while Mike swept his way through the kitchen, entryway, and both bathrooms, I was right behind him, mopping up whatever is on the floor.

The trade-off was that I would go help him pick out allergy medicine? We like running errands together?

Anyways, we're walking around Walgreens (picking up a couple Reese's Easter eggs...), looking for drugs, when we decide it's a good night to watch a movie. And Mike makes me pick. 
He ALWAYS makes me pick. His argument? "I picked last time." He says that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. UGH. Same with restaurants. Unless he already has his heart set on "Star Wars" or "Oceans 11" or I don't know, Taco Cabana?, then I am left to hem and haw over picking something that will satisfy both of us. DO YOU KNOW HOW INDECISIVE I AM!?!? That could take up another post entirely. 
Anyways again, we get home and I'm in the mood for something light-hearted and possibly hilarious. But, it was also 9 pm and I did not want to be up super late, so I was limited to anything an hour and a halfish.

Enter "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding."
My eyes lit up.
I haven't watched this one in a long time!
Helloooo Nia!
Happy day!
I open the DVD case (I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I am NOT converting to blu-ray).
Do you know what I saw?



Whoever you are, and I know you're out there, when the heck did I lend you my movie without a case and when can I get it back????

My heart broke in two. Oh Nia. I just wanted to watch your dad soak his elbow in Windex. That's all. And also watch one of the N'Sync guys say he was going to kill your fiance and then dance away like a Greek person.
Don't worry, I still got light-hearted and hilarious, albeit second hand.... Or that's how it felt... 
It's a good thing "The Wedding Singer" makes me laugh just as hard the 600th time I've seen it.
What's up with me wanting to watch wedding movies?

On a completely different note, some people have radar. Some people have gay-dar. Maggie has bus-dar.
We'll be driving around and she'll start having a bus convulsion (that's when she jumps around, as much as she can in a car seat, and starts yelling BUS! BUS! BUS!) and I'll look around thinking "Am I not paying enough attention to what I'm doing that I didn't even notice passing a bus???" But no. I'm not totally losing it, because the bus is about 20 miles in the distance, and even though it's the size of a speck of dust, Maggie throws a party for it. 
I AM due for an eye exam though...