That's All Folks

I would like to start off this post by saying "Since when has 'Don't Stop Believing' been a summer hit of the 90's, Pandora? WHEN?"

Here's something I tried discussing with Maggie the other day, but she really wasn't having any of it:
(I think my conversations go over her head sometimes, I mean she's 2, shouldn't she be getting a job?)

Sometimes I feel that life would be more convenient if we were cartoons. Do you know what I envy about cartoon characters? They get to wear their favorite outfit everyday and nobody cares or thinks they're disgusting. You know that there are days when you really would just rather stay in the clothes you slept in or wear the same ones from yesterday and the question may cross your mind "Shower or not?" Stop shaking your head and saying I'm disgusting. We've all had at least one day like that in our lives. Sometimes one day a week? 
Also, why does Mickey Mouse wear pants but no shirt and Donald Duck wears a shirt but no pants? 
The perplexities of life.
And also, talking animals. Oh man, Mike thinks I'M the crazy one in this family? I believe whole heartedly that if Pete could open that mouth to do more than bark, or lick himself in obscene places, than he would be more bonkers than I am. (Speaking of Pete, that is one tranquilized dog. He had round 2 of his annual check up today. Luckily it was successful and no stitches were needed, and we're currently referring to him as our drunk room mate.)
AND cartoon characters seem to usually live in cool houses and drive nice cars all while working at nuclear power plants or driving around in the Mystery Machine probably getting high or flying in a spaceship making up songs to classical music. How much does one get paid to flip burgers and still be able to live in a pineapple? I would like to get in on some of that.
It's charmed, right?

But, have you ever been annoyed how when someone is walking/driving/running/whatevering in a cartoon the background keeps repeating itself? Like, how many coat racks do the Simpsons need in their home anyways? OR, you can tell which drawer is going to be opened or which book will be taken off the shelf because it's a shade darker than everything else around it?
OR sometimes people are just dumb in cartoons?
Maggie Moo and I were watching Curious George the other day. Oh man. The love that child has for that monkey is never-ending. It's not quite as deep as her love for Cars, but it's there. Anyways, George and the Man in the Big Yellow Hat are at the symphony and the conductor picks a child out of the audience to conduct the orchestra. He picks George, saying something along the lines of "That little boy there!"
And the Man in the Big Yellow Hat says "He's a monkey!"

I don't know that I want to live in a world where someone has attained a job as prestigious as conducting an entire orchestra, but can't tell what a monkey is when he's looking at one. 

In conclusion, as glamorous as Hollywood has made cartoon living out to be, I'd rather be a Muppet.

Okay, I'd probably be a cartoon if I got to hang out with these guys:

Also, I hear tell that there will be a nail polish line based on "The Hunger Games." 
Be still my heart.