Nature Calls

Well, I'm going to be a camping widow tonight.

Mike has been going on and on and ooooon, for the better part of ever since our failed camping attempt, about "hiking in" and "really camping." Every time he begins this monologue, I have flashbacks to the previously mentioned failed camping attempt, and so the conversation usually ends with me saying something like "Have fun!" Because, people, I am no idiot. I'm not "hiking in."
Do you know what "hiking in" means? It means walking to the middle of nowhere, the kind of place where bathrooms have never existed, where bugs and animals are aplenty, and where dreams go to die.
At least that's how I imagine it in my head.
Please do not get me wrong, I like nature, I like being in nature. I don't like sleeping in, going to the bathroom in, or brushing my teeth in nature. See? It's logical.
Anyways, he talked someone into "hiking in" with him. His dad. It's going to be like Christmas for those two, communing with the cold and bugs and eating dried food.
Oh! And not only does Mike have the audacity to leave me all by me lonesome tonight, HE'S TAKING MY DOG TOO. During all of those weeks that Mike was away training at Fort Hood, my one comfort about sleeping alone in the apartment, was that there was a furry beast under my bed who would bark at the slightest noise.
I need a gun. A pink one!
So, I said goodbye to my tall man and my furry man this morning, and prayed that we would meet again, on the morrow.
As for my plans tonight? One of my Beehives is performing in a dance showcase, so I'll be going to see that with some friends. And I'm excited to finally see her perform! Also, it was good timing because Mike would never have gone with me (not that I wouldn't have gone by myself anyways) so the "hiking in"/dance showcase schedules worked out, right?
You know, my husband's taste, concerning what he will put up with, baffles me. I've said it before and I'll say it again, he buys me tickets for "The Nutcracker" and goes with me to see it, he agrees to seeing "Les Miz" this summer (probably because he knows it's not an option, it's a part of me he needs to be familiar with), but, BUT, he wouldn't go see "Riverdance." Am I just so in love with anything Irish that I can't see how boring it is? No, no. NO. I refuse to think and/or believe anything like that. "Riverdance" is not where dreams go to die, it's where they go to eat ice cream and dance on rainbows and ride ponies.

I'm digressing.

So, peeing in bushes and eating MRE's for Mike tonight. Dance showcase and probably a big helping of "Ugly Betty" for me. Also, I might go purchase a baseball bat.
Oh my gosh, was this whole post an invitation for someone to come attack me tonight?!!?!?!?!?

Have a glorious day everyone!!!


Mike: The Carruths adopted a new baby.
Sandi: They agreed Saddam is crazy??
Sandi: Mike what are you talking about??? What did you just say?????
Mike: Hold on, I'm writing that one down.
Sandi: You're not posting that on Facebook are you?
(in my defense, I don't think I mishear what Mike is saying, he mumbles. And also he was in a different room than I was, so I would like him to please explain who agreed Saddam is crazy)