Penguin Awareness Day

It has been brought to my attention, since posting my last post, that today is Penguin Awareness Day. Considering my love of penguins, this certainly merits mentioning on my blog. So, please enjoy some of my life's favorite penguins.

This is the penguin exhibit at Sea World in San Antonio. When I was 3, my family went there and I made my mom ride the conveyor belt with me, about 10 times, because I wanted to see more of the penguins. This happened again, more recently, the summer after I got married...

And these are not penguins. If you saw me post this on Facebook, then here you go again. I just feel like my blog can't exist much longer without this commercial being part of it. Because it's the greatest commercial in all Christendom.

Also, I have an addendum to my rant that I made earlier about how I'm not a good baseball player.

My mom texted me and said "You left off the "ball" after the "T" in our conversation on your blog."
And I texted back "I cut you off before you could finish, because I knew what you were going to ask. Don't you remember?"
And mom texted "No, but you told me you would play when you were a senior in high school."

So there you have it. I did not want to play in kindergarten, but I was willing, at that time, to play as a senior in high school. Yeah...that didn't happen either...