I Could Definitely Go For Some Peanuts, Or Crackerjacks. Either One. Or Both.

So, (my friend Madi just mentioned in her blog that "so" is like her debit card, she uses it too much without thinking, and I thought "Hey that's me too!" Also let us bask in the fun she is having whilst studying abroad in Spain) lately I've been noticing this sign when I drive to work. Have you been paying attention to all of the interesting things that I notice driving to and from work?
Fire hydrants philandering around as cardinals, construction workers flinging sledgehammers at one another, men running in denim.

Cedar Park, Texas is truly a mesmerizing place.

Moving on. You know how people will put those small signs next to intersections advertising things like garage sales, Christmas light decorating, missing dogs (am I the only mush-hearted shmuck who prays for the animals when they read those?), work from home to make $10,000 an hour, and so on and so forth? I noticed one yesterday that (I'm going to be slightly paraphrasing here) said something along the lines of

Cedar Park youth sports! Boys sign up for baseball! Practice soon! WOO HOO!!

Again, paraphrasing. You get the idea. And then in smaller print, underneath, it said

also offering "good softball," girls can play too

I actually laughed. I think the quotations were my favorite part. That was not a paraphrase. They actually put the words 'good' and 'softball' into quotations like that. It's almost like they are saying "we're going to pretend like we care about the girls playing their version of baseball as much as we care about the boys playing baseball." Far be it from me to be all feminist (honestly, I think the whole feminist/women's rights thing is ridiculous and has caused women to lose their identity as women. Marilyn Monroe said "I want to live in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it." That's how I feel about all of that. But this is taking a turn for the political or whatever and when has this blog ever been anything deep or thought provoking?) but I think they could have definitely left the " " out of the equation, at the very least. Why can't the "good softball" have a "good font size"? And less quotations???

Poor softball. I mean, it's totally gotten the shaft from the Olympics (you know, it won't be an event either starting this summer or 2016. I can't remember which. Also, can we please be getting excited that this is an Olympics year?) and now the Great Font/Quotations Debacle Of 2012. Okay baseball got the shaft from the Olympics too. And actually baseball is my favorite sport. It was the first sport that I learned how to understand. But I would watch softball just as easily as I would watch baseball. I will not play either one though.
On the last day of kindergarten, my mom picked me up and this is the conversation that we had:

Mom: "Sandi, do you want us to sign you up to play T-"
Me: "NO!"

Look, I'm no idiot. I understand that I do not have the hand eye coordination to hit a ball with a bat, whether or not it is sitting on a pole or being pitched in my direction. I think I was pretty wise, at the ripe, old age of 6, to recognize the fact that sports was not the path I was to take in life. We have previously discussed my lack of ability to play sports of any kind. Except watermelon football. I can hold my own with watermelon football. But I'd much rather be stretching over a barre or practicing keeping my ankles turned out to ridiculous lengths while leaping and skipping about.

Anyways, I think Pete has pink eye? Do dogs get pink eye? Maybe not so much pink eye? His eye has been red and had all kinds of fun congestion coming out of it lately. Poor little guy. Thank goodness for in-laws with plethoras (I made a plural word even more plural, because that's how many animals they have) of pets and having doggie eye medicine on hand.
Have I told you how much Pete LOVES getting medicine of any kind? Actually, he gladly takes his monthly heart worm medicine because it's a gigantic, meat flavored pill. I imagine he probably thinks he's getting a treat of some kind.
But stuff to clean out his ears? "No thank you sir," says Pete. Goopey, medicine stuff coming at his eye? "I would like to wiggle a lot now please," Pete offers instead. A toothbrush covered in toothpaste shoved into the back corners of his mouth??? "WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!?!" Pete wails in despair. He won't even take half of an Imodium, for upset tummies, when it's covered in copious amounts of peanut butter (his very favorite thing, besides me, besides Mike). Well, he will eventually, but it takes more peanut butter than is necessary.

Now, to wrap this whole post together, let's check out Jennie Finch doing her thing. Because she's hot, right? And this picture was from the year that the team won gold for their coach because his wife had just died! Do you remember that??? Anyone?