Please Answer Me This:

Why is it that I can play "Cristofori's Dream" (more or less)

AND I can play the "Baptism" song, or as I like to call it "The Hardest Primary Song In All Existence To Play And Yet I Somehow Played It In A Primary Program But Refuse To Do It Again Because It Will Give Me A Nervous Breakdown."

But I cannot play THIS!!!

Let us recap please: "Cristofori's Dream" 6/8 time, "Baptism" song 12/8 time (12/8 people! IT EXISTS!!! WHAT DOES IT MEAN ANYWAYS!?!?!?!), and "Window to the Past" also 6/8 time. Also, as in, the first one mentioned is in 6/8 time and I can play it and this one is also (there's that word again, remember?) in 6/8 time and it makes me want to kick a wall when I try to play it. Gosh, it sounds like a monkey is trying to play it. No, I think a monkey would probably do better than I do. It sounds like a swordfish is trying to play it.
I've had the piano music for this for YEARS, literally years. I mean when did "Prisoner of Azkaban" come out in theaters anyways??? That's how long I've had it. I heard it in the movie and I said to myself "It shall be my lifelong quest to play such beautiful music." 

Lifelong is right, and beautiful my foot. 

Okay okay okay. I can't take my anger, on my lack of piano playing ability, out on the music. The truth is, I really wish I could go back and actually pay attention to my piano teacher when she was teaching me how to count and what notes do what precisely. And also my mom. And also Aleece. All of these people have tried to teach me how to read music notes properly, and in their proper times, but alas. Either I'm stubborn, or touched, or a combination of both. At this point, it would take divine intervention for me to learn these things. 

Also, I don't know if you've noticed, but I pretty much just punctuate however the heck I want to. I kind of wish I could go back to elementary school and pay better attention in "language arts." Again, I say, what does that mean anyways? Language arts?? It's a name that is as ridiculous as 12/8 time. 
The problem is, I have this thing for commas. I know there are those of you out there with English degrees (father in law), or almost English degrees but you felt the need to quit college to buy a piano (ye shall remain nameless), and you'll just have to continue to cringe through my smattering of commas and what not, okay?

cuz im a real gud english talker on This blog usin' all Kinds if gooder punctuations and leters. 

In case anyone was wondering, yes I will buy a sweater for my dog. And yes I will pay more for it than I would for a sweater for myself. 

But oh the cuteness!

I couldn't be more proud of the cuteness if he came forth from my own loins. Which, as far as he knows, he did. We haven't told him yet he's adopted, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Also, the more I see pictures of my couch on this blog, the more I hate the pillows. 


Random fact about your blogger: When I was little, I was obsessed, downright obsessed, with the Berenstein Bears. However, it was difficult for one such as I to properly say their name, so I called them "Stane Bears and Stane Bears." 
How ridiculously cute is that? Almost as cute as my dog in a sweater. And almost as ridiculous as 12/8 time.