The Ramblings Of A Mad, White Woman: Weather Edition

It seems to me that the season of Autumn took a vacation this year.
We had temperatures in the 100's going into October, and then magically, last week, Winter said "Hello!" Which is really quite fine because it brought copious amounts of rain with it. Which we needed.

The point is, I've been noticing some....complaining? It annoys me to no end. There is a very simple solution to solving my annoyance, and it would be to just walk away from Facebook, but people it is hard (I know, I know, that's what she said)

There are certain people that, yes I am "friends" with (I put friends in " " because, let's be honest, are you truly friends with everyone on Facebook?), felt the need to complain alllll summer about the wicked high temperatures (listen to me, I sound like I'm from Boston).
People, I was one of them.
I have a right to complain about temperatures that could, not only fry an egg on the sidewalk, probably cook an entire chicken (wouldn't it be hilarious and sad to see a chicken walking around and then BAM! all of a sudden it's totally roasted?! Or maybe just it's legs??? And then it's running around on drumsticks!).
These same people, however, are NOW complaining about the cold weather we are having.
Really, it's cold.
This is not a complaint from me.
I told myself, back in August, that when Winter rolled around (if it ever did, because it wasn't looking like it back then), that this would be the year that I would NOT complain about weather. The Summer was THAT bad. And I hate the cold, but I refuse to complain about it this time around.

Also, and this one truly baffles me, I saw one person complaining about the amount of rain we got. WHAT?!?!?! Do you not remember the bajillions of houses that turned into kindling in Bastrop?!?! Who the heck would complain about the rain at this point?!?

I've reached a startling and scientific conclusion about these complainers: they are also, usually, one-uppers.

Do you know what I'm talkin' 'bout? Something truly horrific or hilarious or wonderful happens to you, and you can't wait to tell your friend/coworker/rabbi/grocery bagger about it, and as you're telling the story you can see their face start to change. As their face changes, you tell yourself "Yeeeeah...they've now stopped listening to me and are trolling through their memory, trying to find something that is more horrific or hilarious or wonderful than my experience."

Isn't that the worst?!?! You've had this happen, right? You all know someone like this, right? Some of you are thinking "The person writing this blog has done that," right?

Sometimes, I fear that I am a one-upper. I think that makes me hate it even more. There are times, when I walk away from a conversation, and I think "Sandi, were you even paying attention to what that person said?! You'll be lucky if they ever talk to you again!"
I hate being selfish! Why can't I just turn it off?!?! (that's what she said?)
Does anyone else over-analyze what they said a week ago? UGH. I can't tell you how many times I've kicked myself because I put my foot in my mouth or completely interrupted someone or one-upped someone, and so on and so forth (I could probably apologize to some of you reading this blog, for something I interrupted you with in the past month, and you'd probably think "What the dickens is she talking about?" But I remember!!!).

I do, however, feel that I make up for all of these negative qualities with my charm.

I'm just so dang charming.

Vote for me.

(pictures do not adequately depict current hair length)