I Don't Cause Commotions, I Am One.

What a glorious day!

People, PEOPLE! It has been raining! Buckets and buckets it has been raining! For the better part of 3 days! It's quite wonderful, really. We had kind of a dry summer (okay it was ridiculously dry), so the ground is probably drinking itself silly. It also makes for a most cozy Sunday afternoon. Which is basically what we're doing. Being cozy. We came home from church, it's fast Sunday, which means our stomachs were screaming at us for food. Which means, if you combine the rainy, cold weather and our empty stomachs, it equals chili dogs.

Can we talk about how much I love hot dogs? I could eat those things every single day. And I have. There was this one summer where, every day, I only ate a hot dog, goldfish, and baby carrots for lunch. It is a wonder that I did not turn orange.
Have you ever seen the episode of the Simpsons where Lisa decides to become a vegetarian? This is what she sees as the parts of a hot dog:

Hilarious. Anyways, I don't care what's in them. And also, it's 2011 and they don't put mumbo jumbo in them anymore. No ma'am, they only put fancy shmancy in hot dogs now-a-days

Going back to my original train of thought, Mike is in a self induced coma, after eating three (that's 3) chili dogs. I am under strict orders to not let him sleep past 3:50, since he's got some major home teaching to do tonight (and on the FIRST Sunday of the month! my husband is awesome!)

Anyways, I've been sitting here watching TV (Have you seen the show "You Deserve It?" It's giving me aneurysms. Worse than that movie that Ben made us watch the other night.) and contemplating some good/puzzling things in life. (You're thinking, how can you really be contemplating life while watching TV, but seriously you should watch that show) I love fast Sunday because sacrament meeting is testimony meeting. This means the church members get the chance to share their testimonies with everyone else in the congregation (so either it's going to be totally awesome, or totally cringe-worthy, you just never know!). It was a great meeting today (Brother Matthew's testimony, especially, spoke to my heart, all about trials and courage and what not), and I walked away from church truly inspired and feeling like I may be seeing things a little more clearly. My brain is too much of a flurry to paint it all out, so I'll just suffice it to say that my life is more wonderful than I give it credit for. And, ridiculous RIDICULOUS pet rent aside, I really don't see how I can leave this apartment in the near future because I just can't bring myself to move to another ward (For the non-LDS folk, a ward is basically the group of people I go to church with. Not like an insane ward, although some of us probably should be committed, i.e. me). I know these people, and I love these people, despite those of us who should be committed! And also, my bishop is just awesome. I'd like to keep him around in my life.
 I'm not making any sense right now, am I? And this post is the complete opposite of that one from the other day, isn't it? I'm like Elphaba, I don't cause commotions, I am one. And I'm exercising my right to be female as well. And I'm okay with that.

Mike woke up and informed me that I need to wash the pillow he just napped on, because he was asleep with his mouth open. And great googily moogily, Pete just got a bath and he already smells like corn chips again!!

Also, please check out the "Mike and Sandi" snowpeople that watch over all, in my home:

These were given to us last year by the ever amazing Mantooth cousins. I'm not lying or exaggerating when I say that this is one of my favorite gifts ever.

And now Mike has decided that his nap was good because he drooled a lot on the pillow. And the TV show is making me cry. That makes about 10 crying sessions so far today. And it's not over yet!!!