Insert Big, Romantic Sigh

Christmas came early today.


So dreamy. The dreamiest part though, is that my husband let me listen to it, in the car (HIS car), on the way home. I love that man.

In other news, such a sad realization I had this night. We're wandering a midst the Christmas ornaments in Hobby Lobby, and it hits me that we haven't decided on an ornament for this year. What this means is, every year, since we got married, we've thought about what our biggest blessing from that year was and then gotten an ornament that represents it (The one from our second year is a dog with its nose in a cookie jar. Guess what happened that year). I number and put the year on them with a permanent marker (where it's not visible) so that it's easier to remember. Anyways, we're standing there and I said "Our blessing ornament! We need to pick one!" And we stood there.

And stood there.

And stood there.

People, I am telling you right now, we couldn't think of anything from the past year! I felt AWFUL! And Mike says "We've got 2 months. It's okay." And I said "2 months?! Christmas is LESS than 2 months away! And the decorating of the tree is less than ONE month away!" (we I put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. I really married something of a Scrooge...) 

The bottom line is, I've got some serious brain wracking to do in the next 3 weeks because the kid from "A Christmas Story" dressed as a pink bunny doesn't represent anything that happened in the past year.

Except for Mike's stint as a pink bunny.... Okay that didn't really happen.

I think the thing that worries me most, is that I'm having trouble thinking of blessings. My 26th year of life wasn't THAT big of a kick in the pants...