His Heart Increased Three Sizes

I just thought everyone would like to know that Scrooge just might have a heart. Mike came home the other day, saw this sitting on top of the DVD player (I find that it's nice to have on while cleaning):

and announced that it was his favorite Christmas movie. I smiled sweetly, like any wife would, and went about my business.

Inside, however, my heart was dancing a jig.

He said FAVORITE Christmas movie! This implies that he has seen others (he has, I've made him) and he likes them too! 
Also, one time, for my birthday, he bought me tickets for 'The Nutcracker.' He was aware of my short lived (short in SO many ways) ballet career, and my love for that particular show. Not only did he buy two tickets for me, but he used the OTHER ticket to see it WITH me. Fantastic right? Here's how this fits into my theory that he really does like Christmas. The following year, I bought myself tickets to see 'Riverdance' (not for my birthday, more just because it was 'Riverdance' and when it comes to town you buy tickets to see it). In my mind I thought "Mike won't have a problem with me buying these tickets! He went to 'The Nutcracker,' he'll see 'Riverdance' too!" He really didn't have a problem with me spending the money on the tickets, but when I told him he was going with me he laughed in my face.


I know.

I probably stood there, appalled looking, and then managed to find the words, hidden somewhere in my broken heart, to ask him why. He just didn't want to go. My argument was that he would sit through a ballet which is all fancy shmancy and girly, but he wouldn't sit through a show where people make it a habit to stomp around and sing in Gaelic? How does that make sense? Awkwardly shaped tights on grown men (you know what I'm talkin' 'bout), or really loud shoes on pretty, Irish girls. If you were a guy, which would YOU pick??
It even has someone playing a saxophone at some point! That wasn't part of my original argument, but really, isn't 'Riverdance' such a diverse show?

Anyways, he never gave me a solid answer. It wasn't until he proclaimed his undying love for the Grinch that I realized this: maybe he really does like Christmas things and he understands that his wife is fanatical about them and so he will put up with Christmas things for those reasons. HOWEVER, if it's Irish and it's dancing and I'm not the one doing the dancing and/or it doesn't involve a trip to Ireland, he will have no part of it! NO PART!! I SAID GOOD DAY SIR!!!

In conclusion, my husband has feelings.

The end.

p.s. Where you at with the BOM challenge??? Don't even worry, my mom started AFTER I did and is already done. But I'm pretty sure she communes with angels on a daily basis. Although she repeatedly denies it. I know she's lying.