This One's For Angie

Gather 'round children, for today you will hear a story. A story of a lemur.

(it's been over 3 years since this happened, so if any of my former co-workers read this and I get something wrong, please correct me)

The Lemur Incident
Chaper 1

So I get married, right? I'm gone from work for a week and I get back on a Monday. (if I remember correctly, I had set my alarm wrong and I had woken up 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave and it was just one THOSE mornings, you know?) Anyways, first day back after the honeymoon and the phones are blowing up with people wanting to get their babies in to see the doctor.

Enter: the divorced parents on two separate lines.

Poor Heather. Poor, poor Heather bear. I think she had been working with us for all of.... a week? She came to the back with a very concerned look on her face and said "Mr. SoAndSo is on line one and Ms. SoAndSo is on line six and they're mad at each other."
After further digging, we found out, basically, what happened.
They're divorced, and dad had custody of their son for the past weekend. His fiance owns some animal sanctuary fun house something. He thought it would be a good idea to let his son hang out with his fiance and the animals while he went off and did something else. The fiance thought it would be a good idea to let the kid stand in the middle of an empty room right before she released the lemurs into the room for feeding time. Well, it turns out the lemurs basically latched onto the kid's leg and proceeded to bite and scratch him.
What did dad do when he found out?
Absolutely nothing.
Mom didn't find out until she picked up the kid Sunday night. (this was probably a day or two AFTER the incident) Of course they both call us first thing Monday morning, both with their sides of the story and blah blah blah. The poor kid had to get a round of rabies shots. I don't know what happened with the fiance. I do, however, remember that for a good 6 to 9 months afterwards, we kept getting calls from the mom about questions and what not because, if I remember correctly, this all went to court. We were the kid's doctors office, so we were involved.

What did the kid's doctor say after being told the story?

'I like to move it move it.'