That Positive Side Of My Brain Is Arguing With The Negative Side

Today is September 1st. This means two things:

1) If you are taking on the Book of Mormon challenge, that I proposed yesterday, then you should be starting today. If you haven't read that post yet, or you don't read it until tomorrow, or next week, or next month, it doesn't matter. You can start whenever you want.



2) It is officially legal, in the state of Texas, to bake things in your home and sell them from there.

Why should this be of any significance to me? Because my husband has been telling me, for the better part of 6 months, that I should bake things for the purpose of making money. This concept somewhat terrifies me. Well let me back track. When he first started suggesting it, I argued his point by saying 'Mike it's illegal.' I can really only handle one illegal thing at a time in my life, and with the money laundering and what not, I just couldn't handle pastry laundering as well. Also, it is a scary thing to make something and put it out there to be criticized, which is what happens when you have people give you money for what you make. Criticism could be good, criticism could be bad. Bleh. Criticism.
After presenting that argument, Mike suggested making dog treats. I like treats, I like dogs, you know? Here's the thing about dog treats, though, I've never made them homemade (but I have had EVERY intention to give it a shot) so I don't have any experience there. Also, if you've ever had a dog or met a dog or seen a movie with a dog in it, you know what dogs are like around things that are edible. They see a piece of chicken, they get excited to eat it. They see a dog treat, they get excited to eat it. They see a block of styrofoam, they get excited to eat it. (Is it only my dog that would do that? One time Pete ate a wall. Not the entire thing, just part of it. That's a story for another time) Do you see what I'm getting at? Dogs will eat anything, with that same look of desire on their face, whether it's peanut butter or poop. I just think I wouldn't feel like I was making a big in their day by making them treats. You know? Also, it is a well known fact that dogs don't hold jobs very well, so they wouldn't be reliable customers.

So I'm a culinary school drop out, right? This is me with an original creation (which I could NOT have done without the help and encouragement of fellow students; holla at those peeps if they ever happen to read this)

It's a loaf of bread, called 'Chocolate Peanut Butter Happy Place.' This was a few months ago. Like...36 of them. (bread was about as far as I got in school, but that's also a story for another time)
Anyways, I knew from the day I entered culinary school, that I didn't want to have my own business ever. At least not the kind with a store front. The thought of managing the business, keeping things up to sanitation code, making sure all of the food is adequately stocked, and hiring/dealing with employees. That does not sound appetizing to me at all.
Then, over the past year or two, I started learning something as I discovered more and more and MORE (I can quit anytime I want) food blogs. Some people, they do this thing where, they bake stuff at home (home! where the heart is! where you can put on 'Chess: In Concert' while you bake and no one cares!) and then they sell said stuff. They sell this stuff for money. Some little corner of my brain and my heart said 'Hey you could do that!' (lately, as I've been having this overwhelming desire to have kids - remember that part of me? - I've been wanting to find a way that I could make some extra cash for us, while also staying at home with a kid, whenever that happens) Then Mike started hypothetically nudging me with his elbow to do it, which brings me back to his argument for me to do it, which brings me back to my argument of it being illegal.

But it's not illegal.

Not today.

Which brings me back to around to that feeling in my brain and my heart that says 'Hey you could do that!' but there's that other feeling that says 'Criticism...' And that criticism feeling also says 'Why would someone pay for you to bake cookies and such for them when they can make perfectly good cookies and such for themselves? What a waste of time.' See?

I guess my point is, if you want to see something that looks truly frightening, then you should google 'whip scorpion.'