Open Windows

Apologies. Apologies all around everyone. I had every intention of blogging this holiday weekend. I went to the land of my nativity and my mom's internet went down on Saturday so lugging my laptop along became pointless. Still a fun weekend though!

Okay, can we all look at this for a minute?

Is everyone understanding what this is? (besides the random stuff on our balcony)

It's my windows. Open.

Texas is slightly bipolar when it comes to its weather. On Friday, it was hot. Hot hot hot, just like it has been ALLLLLLLLLL summer long since the beginning of time it seems. Then it started getting windy on Saturday and it continued yesterday and when my mom and I woke up this morning to go on a walk with Pete, it. felt. fan. tastic. FANTASTIC! I was thinking 'We shouldn't be walking! We should be baking things with pumpkin! And putting together Halloween costumes! That's what this weather feels like!' But we went on a walk anyways, because, really, there's only about 2 months out of the year that are perfect walking weather. At least in these here parts.

There is a slight downside to this fantastic weather, brought in by the wind. When we were driving back into Austin, we could see huge billows of smoke from fires to the north, south, and west of us. Insanity is what it is. Our stake fasted for rain yesterday and we can get that rain aaaaaaaaaaany day now and it would be awesome! Right?

Did everyone have a splendid Labor Day weekend? :)