Is it just me, or are zucchinis trying to weasel their way into everything now-a-days? They're beginning to make me think of the cranberry man.

No but really! In the recipe world, I feel like zucchini is shoving itself into everything. I got a newsletter from Taste of Home the other day (I probably get 15 from them on a weekly basis...I'm okay with this) and it was entitled 'August Top Ten Recipes.' Guess what was in FIVE of them! Are you done guessing? Because I'm going to tell you now. ZUCCHINI!!! I log into blogger this morning to check my newsfeed, because I am ever so far behind on checking out all of the blogs that I'm addicted to (I probably get 15 that are food related alone... I'm okay with this), and THREE of them have zucchini related recipes! ONE of them was zucchini whoopie pies! WHOOPIE PIES!!! Let me say that I'm all about the zucchini bread. I remember, when I was 12, helping out with the nursery at church while the Relief Society had an enrichment activity (may they rest in peace) and part of the activity included different breads. They were kind enough to share some bread with those of us chasing after their kids, so they gave me a slice of this brown bread and told me they would tell me what was in it after I tried it. I tried it, I loved it, I found out zucchini was in it. After getting over the initial shock of feeling like I'd been lied to, I thought 'Hey, I can wrap my mind around this.' Zucchini bread. It works. Zucchini whoopie pies?! No. I'm sorry. I just cannot do that. That is asking for too much. You see, the grocery store is like a high school. There are certain items that run in the same groups together. The baking aisle and wherever the produce is, are places that are very separate (with the exception of baking with apples and berries and other fruits and whatnot, just bare with me here) Okay, maybe the grocery store is more like a microwave dinner container. Some things should just be kept separate from other things, and I don't remember how I got on this tangent in the first place?
OH! ZUCCHINI!!! Before you know it, zucchini is going to be sneaking into our birthday cakes, custards, and eventually the presidential ballot. Man, why doesn't it just back off?