The Ramblings Of A Mad, White Woman, Part 3

Bloggers Block is what it is people. It's what's been tumbling around through my brain for the last couple of days. It just seems like nothing interesting is happening in my life. Or, at least, my mind isn't making uninteresting things, interesting. I don't even have a cutting room floor for you! This has been my fear since day one. What happens when I stop being interesting? I guess the worst thing would be that only my mom would be reading this, and I really like her a lot and so that would be okay so it wouldn't be the worst thing at all. I think my brain has been fried for the past week with school starting and work and how just plain tired I've been. Not like sick and tired, just tired. I was whining about all of this to Mike earlier. (I say whining because I don't know what else to call it. I know that every word out of my mouth is like music to him, no matter the tone.) I ask him 'What do I blog about today?' and he gives me some answer that any self respecting 5 year old would give (because isn't a grown man's sense of humor on about the same level as a self respecting 5 year old? maybe only my grown man?)
Speaking of school, (I mentioned it a few sentences ago...) I've been taking this class based on the documentary 'Living Planet' by David Attenborough. I had no idea who he was before I signed up for this class. But now, I'm slightly intrigued by this British man who wears white pant suits to explore underground lava caves in Hawaii. Also did you know that coniferous trees are less likely to burn in a fire than deciduous ones? They're just made that way! (it's more complicated than that, but until I get my own white pant suit, I will explain no more of it to you) And that, also, you might be excited about the fact that the next video you have to watch is about frozen places and so yay! you don't have to see creepy bugs, but no. They're still there. In case anyone was wondering, creepy bugs exist basically everywhere on this planet. Including Antarctica. Also, some animals have fur on the bottom of their paws to help them not sink in the snow. This is probably the first biology class that I've taken that isn't just awful or taught by a just awful teacher.
Speaking of animals, as Mike and I were watching 'Lost' tonight, (We are in the home stretch people! 3 more episodes! It's sort of making sense! But only sort of.) I realized Pete wasn't in the general vicinity of the living room. I began to wonder where he was. And then I thought I began to hear odd noises coming from somewhere. Noises like someone sticking their furry little nose into places they ought not. I told Mike to pause the show, and we both listened for a few seconds. Of course the noises stopped, because at that point, he knew we were onto him. So we called him and he comes trotting out of the kitchen with his ears flat on his head. Pete trotting from anywhere with his ears flat on his head means he's been up to no good. So I tell him to show me what he was doing. He doesn't. So I go into the kitchen and he follows me. We look around for a second and I'm trying to figure out what he's been getting into. Then I realize. There was some shredded cheese thrown away after dinner tonight, and the trash is just high enough that if some cheese has been thrown on top of it, then a little blue heeler named Pete (who LOVES cheese, but is forbidden from consuming it because of the flatulant ramifications) is just high enough to reach it. I looked at the trash and as soon as I opened my mouth to say 'Pete! Were you eating cheese out of the trash??', he had already scurried away, over to his corner that he goes to when he's been up to no good. Mike laughed and said, 'Well now you have something to blog about.'

My life is so weird.