And Just Like That...

...she found a new home. Yup. Things with Paige just didn't work out. Yesterday, as Mike and I were driving around running errands, we came to the conclusion that we had both probably come to before but didn't want to say it outloud. We needed to find a better home for Paige. And I definitely mean better. We were just as unprepared for Paige as she was for us. It really wasn't fair, for anyone involved, to keep living in the situation we were in. So, Mike took some cute pictures of her and put her on Craigslist. I honestly thought we'd end up keeping her for another week or so. Within 2 hours, he had an email response from a guy in Killeen who wanted to come down and meet her last night. He came around dinner time, talked with us (we were totally honest about the issues we had with her, we didn't want to feel like we were hiding anything from him), Paige tentatively licked him, and he decided she was perfect. Off they went on their merry way.

This is the conclusion I've come to about the Paige situation. I felt so strongly, last week, that getting her was the right thing to do. It's the same way I felt when we were talking about getting Pete. It was seriously like the Spirit was telling me that we need to get her. When we brought her home and things started to fall apart, I got so frustrated. Then when this guy found us, it was like fate. He's been training dogs and horses his whole life. In a couple of years, when he's done with the Army, he's going to be getting a horse farm and wants a furry companion to run around with him.
So, blog readers, we sent Paige away to live with a nice family on a farm.
True story. I really feel like we were meant to be the means to of getting her from point A to point B. How else would a family in Killeen have found a dog in Gonzales? They are 3 hours apart! How else would she have gotten out of that shelter? There was no way we could send her back there, so I'm grateful that we were given the opportunity to help put a dog in a better home. I told Mike we will not be making a habit of this. Also, I've learned that I am a one dog at a time kind of person. I've spoken with Pete multiple times, and he knows he's not allowed to die before me, so I'm good for life. Speaking of Pete, he's okay with her being gone. I think it was a bit of a relief to him actually. She was all up in his kool-aid.

Now that the stress of the past few days is over with, my blog will be getting back to normal. And by normal I mean the normal levels or weird and random. With the occasional bursts of abnormal weird and random.

In closing, here's my favorite picture of Paige that we took (Including the pink pig we gave her as soon as we brought her home; she loved that thing to pieces and carried it around everywhere by the ears or tail. So dang cute. No worries, it went with her.)