Today was one of those days where you have the morning off and so you run errands for your husband because, starting today, he has school after work, Monday through Thursday. Therefore he has no time for such things as errands. When you get home, you take your new dog out to go potty and, even though you stand out there 5 minutes, she doesn't go. And 10 minutes after coming inside she does all kinds of fun bathroom things on the carpet. Then you proceed to have some sort of crying, hysterical breakdown in which you leave your husband a voicemail saying that you don't think you want to deal with this dog anymore, and you put both dogs in their crates and close yourself up in your room to nap and cry and read a book. And then later today you go to work and, within 10 minutes of being there, you realize you don't want anyone else to deal with that mess of a dog but you, so you decide that the problem needs to be fixed and fast and miraculously since it might consist of selling an arm and a leg. And then a bunch of mean people will complain about how today is the day that the schedule changed from summer to fall and then....THEN! today will do this:

The sun shines through the clouds and somehow the people on the phone become nice instead of condescending. And then, randomly, your husband will bring you chicken nuggets from Chik-Fil-A with polynesian dipping sauce because really there's no other way to eat those, and you'll be so happy because this is way better than the peanut butter and nutella sandwich that you were going to eat for dinner while at work.
And then you come home, dripping with sweat because your job's not air conditioned, and you love your dogs again, and all is right and good in the world because you have tomorrow off. (And Thursday too. Tender mercies!)

Also, I don't want this to come across as racist, because it's not, but I have noticed in the past week, at LEAST four Middle Eastern people wearing some sort of St. Patrick's Day shirt... Is St. Patrick's Day in August rather than March over in those parts of the world? It makes one stop and think, right?

p.s. Paige just wagged her tail when I scratched her and kissed her and told her I love her. We're making progress.

*5 minutes after original post update* There is poop on the floor again... We're making digress.