This month is such a special one!

It's birthday time for Mike!
Yes, yes; today was my wonderful, amazing, fantastic husband's birthday. I love a good reason to put on eye shadow. You know, besides church (and even then sometimes...) Anyways, today is the day that my husband catches up to me in age, but that only lasts for about 3 months and then I become older and wiser than him again. I'm always saying "Mike, I'm much older and wiser than you are" (Which is a true statement.) and he's always countering that with "By a WOMB!" (I am 9 months older than him. Still, mine is a truer statement than his.)

Here are some exciting things that happened on this, the day of my husband's birth (If I was a godfather of sorts I might grant wishes today, like if it was this, the day of my daughter's wedding, but I'm not so I won't)

I cut up some kiwi. You might be thinking 'This isn't very exciting,' but think about what you just thought. This is kiwi. It's kind of a big deal. How many fruits are there that have the same name as a bird?

We went out to dinner with a bunch of these people. They are all just so delightful. (With the occasional exception of Ben)  What we have here are Mike's parents on the left, followed by the lovely Elisabeth and Jared, then there's the also lovely Stacey, Maddi, Ben, Mike, and Gabbi (She sat by me the whole time, and we did everything together tonight, and we're best friends now)

Adorable. Would you like to hear an amusing/unadorable story to go with this adorable picture? It has nothing to do with these two little cutie pies. It has to do with exciting things happening on this, the day of my husband's birth, though.
So, about 2 months ago a random charge showed up in our bank account and we discovered that someone had used Mike's card to buy something or other, so we cancelled it, got him a new card, and all was well. Today in the mail, we got a bill from them saying we owed them the amount that we had previously cancelled. So I called them right up and this is the conversation I had:

Person on the other end of the phone: Thank you for calling ---- this is Calypso (Really? Do you get mad and turn into crabs when tied to a pirate ship?) how can I help you?
Me: A couple of months ago, my husband's card was used fraudulently (I like to use big words when I'm wearing my big girl pants) to purchase something from y'all. We cancelled the payment and had everything reversed, I got this bill from you today and I just want to make sure his account is completely erased with you and that we don't get anymore bills.
Calypso: Yes ma'am I can help you with that. Also what I can offer you today is our introductory....(She went on for about a minute and I'm thinking 'Seriously? I just told you I never did, nor do I ever, want anything to do with your company.')
Me (cutting her off, POLITELY): No that's okay, I just want to make sure that you completely erase this account since we didn't even create it.
Calypso: Yes ma'am I will be sending you a $40 gift card (To use with some concierge service??? Calypso doesn't know me very well if that's what she's offering me gift cards for) to compensate you for the money lost. You will need to keep your account active in order to receive it.
Me (the last thing I want is any further connection with this company): No, I don't need compensation, we didn't give you any money, please just cancel the account.
Calypso: Okay it has been cancelled, here is the cancellation number...

Isn't it great what happens when you put your big girl pants on? I think I'm going to hold onto that cancellation number for awhile and "keep an eye on things." Just until this ruckus smooths over. Someone needs to regulate around here. I might go get myself a sheriff's badge so that people can recognize my regulating abilities.

And now for what you really want, more birthday festivities!

This flaming kiwi cheesecake came out of nowhere, but Mike regulated the situation without breaking a sweat.

Maddi made a new friend. It was so cute. However, when he laid on his back and his.... "belly button" was visible, she had to be told repeatedly that we don't touch that. Oh man, it was hilarious.

Do you know what I just realized? I really don't have that many pictures of my husband and myself together. We don't have that many pictures period. These are 2 things that will be changing in the very near/present future.

Speaking of my husband (Isn't that what this whole post is about? Well, him and Calypso), here is another conversation I had today, except it was with him:

Me (giddy with excitement): A complete stranger commented on my blog!!! (Thanks Eva!)
Mike: Which one? The crazy one or the food one?
-I glared at him for a good, solid 5 seconds and then said
Me: The one not about food. And this is going on the blog.

Later, after he had closed our bedroom door before company came over:
Me: Why did you close the bedroom door?
Mike: It's not very presentable.
Me: Oh that's going to bug me. That means it's not clean in there.
Mike: Also, we don't want people using the bathroom where you threw away that EPT (a big negative...)
Me: Oh I don't care! I want the world to know that I wanted to be knocked up like....yesterday!

I definitely was the regulator in both of those conversations.

Did any of you get to regulate anything today? Please share :)