The Ramblings of A Mad, White Woman

Today at work (I know, it's Saturday, and I know, work???) I was having a conversation with someone and at one point I said "It would be like a logistical nightmare." At that moment, it was like my mind cleared, the sun broke through the clouds, the planets aligned, and I knew I would need, nay HAVE, to make an effort to use the term 'logistical nightmare' as much as possible for the rest of my shift.

Do you ever come across a phrase or a word and it's just so fantastic to say that you want to say it to death? Things like: renegade, court of law, do it to it, and so on and so forth (Hey! That's one too!) That is how I felt today when my lips uttered those amazing words, 'logistical nightmare.' Only a couple of my coworkers heard me declare my goal to use it as frequently as seemed adequate throughout the rest of work. For the most part, everyone looked at me like I was crazy and trying to turn situations into something that they weren't when I spoke that wonderful phrase.

"This kid forgot his goggles, where are the ones we lend out?"
"Oh this is like a logistical nightmare."

"I'm trying to send out this email."
"Are you having a logistical nightmare?"

At one point I thought we really WERE going to have a logistical nightmare, but then we didn't. Kind of like those stuffed peppers that I made for dinner the other day, but then weren't stuffed peppers. 
That got me thinking, what if I worked at a job where any number of logistical nightmares could happen on a daily basis? Like, what if I ran a company that distributed helper monkeys to people and they all got sick on the same day? I would probably look at my secretary Fran and say "Fran, we have a logistical nightmare here." OR! OH! Here is a good one where you get to use not one but TWO phrases that are awesome! What if you show up for work and all of the bathrooms have decided to stop functioning, then you would say something like "Steve! (Steve is the maintenance guy at this fictional place of work) Steve! All of the water closets have stopped working! Call the plumber because this is becoming a logistical nightmare!"

Anyways, Mike is at drill today so I can listen to the Christmas station on Pandora and not be mocked for doing so in the month of July.