An Awful Lot of Run-on Sentences (sorry mom and every other English major who reads this)

This morning as I lay in bed, awake before Mike as I always am, I thought 'today is going to be Mike's day.' Meaning whatever Mike wants to do, we'll do. If Mike does something silly (like leaving 5 pairs of shoes in my path) then I will laugh it off and not make a big deal out of it. Now, I did not tell him that it was going to be his day. Do you understand the ramifications of him being aware that I will say yes to anything or brush anything off like it was nothing? For valid reasons, it would have to be unbeknownst (GOOD WORD!) to him.
So I roll out of bed, and explore the blogging world to kill time before the hunger in my stomach becomes so unbearable that I have to wake him up to ask 'Waffles or pancakes?' Finally the hunger became too much and I went to go kiss him on his forehead to wake him up when I saw something that made me cringe and laugh all at the same time. Mike was asleep on his back (like I tell him not to because then he breathes that really deep breathing that's not quite snoring but not quite normal breathing but it's enough to keep me awake?) and had his mouth slightly open. There, stuck to his front teeth, was a hair from my head and a hair from who knows where on Pete. True story. This poor bald man and the shedding roommates that he has. So I, being a good wife, shoved my hand into his mouth and proceeded to remove them. Not quite as sweet as a kiss on the forehead, but he still woke up. It was so fun! Then I asked him, 'waffles or pancakes?' And he said waffles and I was really upset because I really wanted him to say pancakes so that I could sing Brian Regan's IHOP cathedral pancake song but I decided it worked with waffles too so I sang it anyways.
And then Pete jumped on the bed and for one moment of the morning it was Pete Day rather than Mike Day because Pete just wanted some scratches and lovings and to give me more French kisses than should be allowed between a dog and a human. (Really, one is too many but when a dog gets excited and you're trying to kiss the top of his head, it happens. Let's be honest and adult here, please.)
And then I went to the kitchen to start the waffles and I remembered that I had emptied the dishwasher last night and for one brief moment it was Sandi Day because an empty dishwasher is one of my favorite things in all existence. I think I will be greeted by, at least, a legion of them in the next life. (if I make good choices in this one...)
After breakfast, Mike went off to his little corner of the world to kill Nazis in some alternate reality and started getting mad at his keyboard because it wasn't functioning properly? (I am compelled here to tell you my feelings on video games. I hate them. I think they are a ridiculous waste of time and I have seen one too many people let them control their choices and emotions. However, if it involves karaoke, dancing, or Star Wars in Lego form, I'm okay with those. You may be thinking 'Star Wars Legos? Really? You play that one?' And to that I would say I LOVE IT! Did you know that you can be Chewbacca and rip people's arms off and then they just fall apart like Lego people because they ARE Lego people?!) Since Mike was getting irritated at his computer and it is Mike Day, in which I am sweet to him all day long, I decided to avoid him and work on my lesson for church tomorrow. I then snuck the Spirit into his life by asking him to help me with my handout for my Beehives (I really did need help with it, and he really did need to hear something besides gunfire so it worked out.)
As I was vacuuming (BLEH!), unbeknownst (I am going to use this as much as possible today so as to avoid some sort of logistical nightmare) to me, Mike went into our room to make the bed. I love him. He doesn't even know it's his very own day and he can do whatever he wants but he's doing things that are useful just because.
Then he said 'Can we go to Ikea today?' That is one of those superfluous questions in life. Other superfluous questions might feature things like 'Are mushrooms really disgusting?' 'Do you want me to put whipped cream into the middle of your cupcake?' and 'I own a kitchen supplies store, would you like to just have whatever you want?' The answer to all of these questions, by the way, is yes.
Moving on, I said 'For what?' And Mike said 'Dress socks.' And I said 'Ikea??' And he said 'Oh I meant Kohl's.' So it would appear that Mike Day would be taking us in the direction of Kohl's (Which works because I need to buy a wedding gift for a beautiful blonde girl so we're maiming two birds with one stone. I say maim because really, do those birds need to be killed?)
Off to Kohl's we went. Mike got socks and a shirt and I got a toaster. (Do you know why I got the beautiful blonde bride a toaster? Because a toaster is the ONE gift that Mike and I found that we really needed a lot, when we first got married, and no one gave it to us! No one until my mom's bishop's wife {seriously, Mackey Moose's wife is a saint} found out and then she got us one. I love her.)
Then the Kohl's part of the day was over so we came home and watched a bit of 'Lost,' as Mike was wont to do. (So, we've just discovered 'Lost' in the past month. I know. You're thinking 'Lost is so, what? 10 years ago?' It's my brother Darius' fault. He told me to do it. We were bored one day and we jumped in. It's awful and wonderful and terrifying and drug-like all at the same time. One episode answers my questions and then ends and 5 more questions come up. But what does it all mean???? And why are there fish shaped cookies?? And how can black smoke whack trees with people anyways??? My dad would have loooved it.) That got my wheels turning. I had had an idea in my head for an at home date night (i.e. cheap/free) that revolved around 'Lost' and I thought 'Mike Day is the day for this date!' It required a trip to the store to get some supplies for s'mores and also we've been running ridiculously low on junk food around here. So, off on errands we went again. (Don't worry, this whole time I was being extremely patient, and cool as it were, with my dear Michael. I remembered all day long that it's Mike Day and I need to be a really awesome wife. I never forgot.)
On our way home we realized we had breakfast and kind of skipped over lunch which explained the extreme hunger/need to pass out that we were feeling. Since it was Mike Day and he was hungry and wanted to eat and I was on the verge of passing out, it was only logical that we feasted when we got home. So we did. And then I said 'Mike I think it's time for you to take Pete to play so that I can prepare date night.' So he did. I can't take credit for this date idea. Completely. Click on these here words and you can see where I got most of the idea. While Mike was gone, I did this:

It's a tent people. A really awesome tent that I built all on my own. He was very surprised and smiley when he saw it. Can we get a close up of the other awesome thing that I did?

This might only be awesome to you if you've seen 'Lost.' (Also I hung a Dharma sign on our front door. Yes I did.)

So, that was the first annual Mike Day. I very much enjoyed it actually! It was not always easy, but it was definitely worth it. I should spend more time in my life remembering that my husband likes to do things too and I should pay attention to said things.

(from yesterday)
Me: This morning on the Today show there was this guy that was on 'Antiques Roadshow' and he had these bowls and they are worth over one million dollars!
Mike: (silence)
Me: Bowls, Mike! Bowls! Like you eat things out of bowls!
Mike: Are they made out of Napoleon's poop?

Also, this has made an appearance in our living room: