In which we discuss the finer points of non-existent stuffed peppers and also hair extensions

Happy one week anniversary dear blog! No one thought we would make it this far, but we're proving them wrong. ( This is the part of the post where the blog and I dance to 'You're Still the One' by Shania Twain.) I explained in my first entry why I started this blog. I want to be more optimistic about the ins and outs of every day, and I was hoping that looking at my life through the eyes of this blog would help me do that. Let me tell you, I'm pretty sure the Lord read that post or something because in the past week I've had a few extra bumps in the road and I think He's poking me around to see what I do. Honestly, most of the time, when things get frustrating, I think 'Okay, how can I look at this in a more humorous/laid back way for the blog?' Y'all are helping me become a more sane person. In about six months I think you will have had the equivalent of about a semester of Intro to Psychology. Contact your local college for more information on how to collect your credit hours.

Before we go any further, you need to check out the shirt I wore today.

I know right? You're thinking 'Dang! She could stop traffic in that!' Or maybe you're thinking 'She could direct traffic in that.' I'm thinking about moonlighting on construction sites when I wear this one to work. I've worked at Nitro for about 3 months and I've already acquired 6 t-shirts. Our boss/owner is kind of big on bringing out new shirts. It's okay. I like wearing t-shirts best.

Can I tell you what I did tonight for dinner? Sometimes I get these random bursts of boredom/inspiration and decide I'm going to invent something new to eat with whatever I can find. I didn't have anything planned for dinner tonight, so it was okay to color outside of the lines. At first I was thinking I want something like chicken bundles (Have you ever had a chicken bundle? Great merciful heavens they are divine) and then for some reason I went from that to thinking about stuffed peppers. I don't know how my mind does that. It jumps from one thing to another, kind of like a squirrel. Sometimes I'll be talking to someone about something and then I'll start thinking about something else and start talking to them about that thing like we were already in the middle of talking about it? Is this making any sense at all? You're probably looking at me like those people do when I start talking about things that were already happening in my head but not out loud. Anyways, I decided to kind of combine something that was a cross between chicken bundles and stuffed peppers (I don't even LIKE stuffed peppers by the way, so that inspiration really did come out of left field) The following is a rough translation of what we ate for dinner. I call it:

The Stuffed Peppers That Almost Were, But Then Weren't

I cut up, let's say, oh about half a cup of onion (actually I demolished them in that Pampered Chef thing I have that you punch down on and it has a zig zag blade? I don't particularly like the texture of onions so I basically have to turn them into minced air in order to put them into a meal) and put them in a pan with a pound of ground beef. 
Then I added about a half teaspoon of salt and pepper each. 
And then I threw in about a teaspoon of Italian seasoning and then I added in MAYBE a tablespoon of garlic... I really like garlic...
I browned all of that and drained it. After that I mixed in about a cup of mozzarella cheese. 
(Here's where the "effort" comes in) I pulled out a can of crescent rolls. I laid them out like they were 4 rectangles and mushed them together so they weren't separated anymore. Then I cut them in half so I had 8 squares. THEN I spooned some of the beef mixture into the middle of each and pulled up the corners to meet in the middle and pinched them all closed. I had to use part of another can as well, but not all of it, so I just rolled up the rest as if they were really crescent rolls (which they were)
It's okay to have extras. (I like crescent rolls. I don't like them in that one dumb Pillsbury Thanksgiving commercial, though, where the two guys are arguing over where half of the roll is so they can split it. Do you know which one I'm talking about? So dumb. Anyways...)
I baked them for 11 minutes on a cookie sheet with parchment paper and they were done and they were awesome! 2 out of 2 people in my home agree that you should try these.

Also, I spent the better part of my time after work with this guy

Speaking of work, I noticed something today that I've actually noticed for awhile but I finally realized it drives me crazy. Has anyone else noticed this trend recently?

Feather extensions?? Really???? And I saw this right before the girl shoved her hair up into a cap to go swimming. How much did it cost to get those put in and how much damage is the cap and the chlorine going to do to it? 
This trend is only SLIGHTLY less annoying to me than tinsel hair extensions:

Oh Beyonce.
We are not peacocks and I'm pretty sure we're not Christmas trees (HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!?!?!) I can't help but think of turkey feathers when I see those in people's hair. My hair is sad most of the time, but it's not so sad that I would try to cheer it up with feathers or tinsel. No, my hair likes to be cheered up by me getting a snow cone or a new pair of shoes. 

Any thoughts on these hair extensions, friends?