We Gotta Have That Funk

An interesting thing happened last night. I brushed my teeth, put in my retainer, said my prayers, had a date with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for about the twelth time in my life (That Peter Pettigrew! I knew he was alive all along!), and as my head hit the pillow so I could go to sleep, my mind started going a million miles a minute. I guess that's not so interesting. That happens about twice a week. HOWEVER! All of a sudden, in the middle of my trains of thought, "Give Up the Funk" started playing in my head. This is interesting because A) I have not heard that song recently and B) I don't even like that song. Songs will pop into my head frequently if I have been listening to them, so this was just odd. Maybe someone was sending me good, funky vibes at that moment in time. Thanks funky friend, wherever you may be!
Speaking of funky, I want to tell you about where I work. First, I should probably tell you how I came to work where I work.

Until about a year ago, when The Tree decided he wanted to play Army and went off to learn the ways of the soldier, I worked at a doctors office that catered to these kinds of people:

It is a fantastic office, and I had wonderful co-workers, for the most part. In fact, the place is so dang awesome that when I have children of my own (Oh my gosh if I don't get pregnant soon, I just may hit someone) I will be taking them there. Despite how fantastic and wonderful and amazing it all was, over the course of nearly 3 years of being in a place like that, you start to notice things. Things like kids who do not behave. At all. Kids who demand stickers. Kids who treat their siblings, literally, like garbage. Kids who throw things at their parents, at their doctor, at you. Then beyond those kids you start to notice the people responsible for them. And THEN you start thinking 'I do not want to be that person and I do not want to be responsible for those kids.' And for the first 2 years of your marriage you will feel guilty about not wanting kids because you did before, and your Tree does now, and kids are so far on the back burner they're falling between the stove and the wall.
When The Tree decided to go do military training, I decided it was time for me to take a break from life and go live with my mom for the months and months that he would be gone (This was a huge blessing not only for me, but my mom as well. That is a story for another time perhaps). This meant quitting my job. This meant moving 4 hours back home. This meant, in a sense, a fresh start. Within 2 months of leaving my old job, I was off birth control and making frequent visits to the baby sections of Wal Mart and Target to sigh deeply at the adorable clothes there. I realized, I was not those people and those kids did not have to be mine. It was one of the best choices/realizations I've ever made in my life.

Have I digressed? Slightly, but anyways, after a brief stint living at home and making dentures (which is also a story for another time) I moved back to the land that I love. I had concluded that I don't want to work in the medical field anymore, I don't want to work full-time, and I want to be a part-time housewife until I get knocked up and can be a housewife/mom 24/7. (That's the dream!)

So that is how I ended up working here:

Here are some fun reasons why working the front desk of a swim school, part-time, is a lot of fun:

1. You get to watch babies take swimming lessons with swim diapers on under diaper speedos. (Be still my heart!)
2. You might get asked, with 3 other co-workers, to teach water safety at local schools. To make things interesting, the 4 of you might challenge each other to use random words and phrases during your turns in the presentation. One way or another someone will say something like "You don't want to fall into a river and float down it like a soggy peanut butter and jelly sandwich."
3. You will probably be asked by a parent at some point "Is putting a swim cap on my kid like putting on a condom?"

Also, your supervisor/new amazing person in your life might turn out to be a girl who swam with your husband on their high school swim team years ago.

It is such a small world.

In other news, on our walk this morning, Pete and I discovered playing cards strewn all over the sidewalk. Had they all been Joker cards, I might have been slightly frightened. Luckily they weren't.