Proud renter of not one but two water closets

The following is a conversation that happened between myself and The Tree this morning:

Me (running into the bathroom): "I have figured out our water closet problem!"
Tree (shaving his head): "What...water closet....problem....?"
(I realized as I was saying water closet that it was not what I meant to say, and also as I was saying it I was thinking 'Where did I get water closet from?')
Me: "I mean the water in the shower problem!!!"
(I was bursting with excitement at figuring this problem out, so I might have been jumping up and down slightly. I will skip my explanation of the problem/solution so that you can see the end of the conversation now.)
Tree: "What is a water closet anyways? Do we even have one?"
Me: "No! And I wish we did! Actually a water closet is basically just a bathroom..."
(At this point a light of hope turned on in my brain, my face lit up, and I'm pretty sure The Tree knew exactly where my comment was going, because about halfway through, his eyes rolled so hard he almost died.)
Me: " if you think about it we DO have a water closet! We have TWO of them! You know what? From now on, when I have to go to the bathroom (this is when his eye rolling started, and he pretended to stop listening to me but I know he was hanging on my every word), I will say 'Excuse me, I need to go use the water closet.' That makes it sound more exciting!"

At this point, The Tree proceeded to wipe half of his shaving creamed head on my face.