Good vibes

So lately, and by lately I mean since Monday when I was home sick (home from work and sick, not pining for the place where I was born), I've been having this epiphany of sorts about life. As it turns out, I've been taking things way too seriously. The Tree that I'm married to, he is a very tall man, recently finished a year of military training. It's been our first year in the military and it was definitely way up at times and way down at others. I feel that over that year I have become cynical about some things, but I've also gained more of an appreciation for love and what is important in life. Those are two conflicting points of view don't you think? I've decided the newfound appreciation is going to win out over the cynicism. I want to start laughing at the bumps in the road that are just that, bumps in the road. I don't want to make mountains out of mole hills, or mountains out of flat ground where there isn't a problem to begin with. I want to take more pictures. I want to visit dog parks and not be ashamed of the fact that my dog (Pete) is not, or probably ever will be, what some people would consider a "good listener." I guess it all comes down to, I just want to enjoy it all more and live it to the fullest. I suppose I feel the need to blog about it because if you've got something good going, why not share it?

Here's a couple of the best things I have going for me currently: