A Farewell To Arms (doing strokes and legs doing kicks...)

Last night was my last night to come home smelling like chlorine*.

*The first week I came home from work, Mike kissed my head and said "You smell like.....a pool." And then he smiled at me. (I tend to think he has a fond feeling for those kinds of smells since he was a swimmer in high school.) (I'm getting really lazy with my footnotes, putting them directly under what I'm footnoting...)

It's been a very very VERY bittersweet decision. There's some pretty amazing people that I worked with. But still, you know, customer service? Bleh? Sometimes you need a break from such things, am I right? Who's with me?? Up top!

I very nearly cried twice, but no I didn't. I said good bye to everyone as they came and went, or I came and went, and really it was lovely. There were a lot of sweet parting words, and friendings on Facebook. I think my favorite was my final conversation with Kristyn, and she was all "What's this blog thing I keep hearing about? Where can I read this blog?? How can I get my daily Sandi fix???" As a side note concerning Kristyn (she travels at the speed of roar, seriously), if ever I have my own late night talk show, you know like Jay Leno except better, she would be the one, sitting at the drums, who I would joke around with for the first 10 minutes of the show. And I'd call her Schmitty.

So the Tiffany of all Tiffanys disappeared for about 30 minutes and I looked at Josh (her brother) and I said "She didn't leave did she?!?!!?" And no she didn't, because she went to get me these:

And also some nail polish, because she's just that wonderful. One of them she picked for me specifically because it's name is "Congeniality is my middle name." (love nail polish names) And that was one of the times I very nearly cried.

And Corine (remember my two sided tape debacle that she was partly at fault for?) told me she was coming by to see me one last time. I didn't think she'd come bearing gifts! The best gifts ever.... I opened the bag, and here's what I saw:

And this was Corine's logic (which is the most perfect logic ever) "I didn't know which one you would like so I got you a few of them." 
It's like she knows me perfectly.
And THEN she also included a penguin which appears to be having a rave going on inside of its body! She didn't even know that penguins are my favorite!

And then she hugged me and I very nearly cried again.

So, farewell to Nitro. One door closes and all...
Starting Monday, my days shall be spent with my new boss who happens to be named Maggie and also happens to enjoy big stuffed dogs and watching Disney movies.
We have a lot in common.

For today, I will be completely unemployed and spend time with my baby baby Pete while it rains outside.
The end.