Radio Star

I did something so great this morning.
I called a radio station and requested a song.
When was the last time you did that? Junior high? Probably.

So, my favorite morning show has started to do this thing, between 9 and 10, where it's basically a free for all. ANYONE can call and request ANYTHING they want.
Except not if you want them to play "Sunday Morning" by No Doubt.
If you want that particular song, you'll have to settle for "Spiderwebs" instead.
I called and the guy answered the phone and he said "Hey blabbity blah blah what's your request?" (I'm paraphrasing) and I said "Sunday Morning by No Doubt!" and he said "That's a great song!" and I said "I KNOW!" (kind of like Monica) and then he put me on hold.
Then he came back on the phone and said "Um I don't have Sunday Morning, but I have..." and then he listed off a bunch of No Doubt songs that I like but aren't my favorite. We've discussed previously that "Sunday Morning" is my favorite No Doubt song. So I said "UGH! Okay...Spiderwebs" and he said "That's a great one too!" and I said "Yeeeeeah" except I said it in that disappointed, I'm only getting my second choice, kind of way.
And then 20 minutes later, I heard it! Have you heard yourself on the radio? I have, twice before this. Once to win tickets to "Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3D (I took Old Holly on a date to that one) and then once to request "All I Want For Christmas Is You." So this was kind of new because it was my first non-Christmas related hearing of my voice on the radio. Except when I won the tickets it was Halloween time. That's what's so great about "Nightmare Before Christmas." It's versatile.
I texted Mike after hearing myself:

Me: I requested a song on the radio and they played it :)
Mike: What song?
Me: Well I WANTED sunday morning by no doubt, but i had to settle for spiderwebs
Mike: Ahhhh don't you own that song?

I obviously have a lot to teach Mike about what is and isn't exciting.

Speaking of Mike. Remember how I'm kind of trying to pass the PT test? Well he's been running my little tail off for the past couple weeks. And then on Saturday, as we were driving home from the Spartan Race, he makes some sort of declaration about me and him running a 5k together before he leaves for his deployment (I know a 5k isn't much, but at this point, it would be like I'm running a marathon). I smiled and nodded and thought to myself "Hee hee hee, the joke is on him. We won't have time to run a 5k before he leaves and where are we going to find one anyways?" Never mind the fact that we live in Austin and there's a 5k being run somewhere every 15 minutes (that statistic may be a little false).
Well, then we go to church on Sunday. One of the first announcements over the pulpit was something along the lines of "Don't forget about our annual Memorial Day breakfast and 3 mile fun run!" How could I have forgotten!?!? Oh yeah, because we've never been because up until this point in my life I didn't run races.
We got in the car after church, and as we pull out of the parking lot Mike glances over at me and says "So..." and I said "I already know what you're going to say, and you don't have to say it!" He started to laugh and said "What am I going to say?" to which I replied "It's convenient and it's FREE! I know what you're planning."
As it turns out, I'll be running something like a 5k this coming Monday. How did I get to this point?

Oh ALSO! Bonus on the rundown of the Flogging Molly concert. I can't even believe I forgot to tell all of you about two of the strangest/most interesting/drunk things that happened:
the opening act and the "Irish dancing" guy.
So the opening act was this band called The Brothers of Brazil. I'm still not sure if they were actual brothers or not, but I will tell you what I'm definitely sure they were. It looked like a member of the Wonders (you know, "That Thing You Do," the Oneders?) and Billy Idol started a 2 man band together. The Wonders guy looked like he could've been the newest member of the Wiggles with the kind of facial expressions he was making. And the Billy Idol guy....well he was wearing some sort of kilt contraption that he had made out of a bunch of different flags, rain boots, and a Frankenstein head belt buckle. And some Indian shaman's amulet around his neck. He also had on leopard print underwear, but I really don't want to go into why I know that. He was very much wasted and even tripped over/dropped his microphone at one point. It was very exciting.
Then there was the "Irish dancing" guy. I use the term "Irish dancing" very loosely.
As soon as Flogging Molly came on stage, there was this kid to my left (terribly drunk) who kept trying to talk to Dave (that's the lead singer). He kept saying "HEY! I'M AN ---" and then he'd get cut off by the rest of us screaming because, you know, we were there to listen to music, not have a chat. About halfway through the concert, we finally hear the kid say (to the band, mind you) "HEY! I'M AN IRISH DANCER!!! WATCH!!!" (I don't think the band quite caught it, so fortunate for them) and I was thinking "Oh brother, here we go..." This "Irish dancing" wonder then proceeded to hold onto his belt buckle and dance like Frodo did at Bilbo's birthday party.
Something like this:

I don't know what school he's been taking lessons at, but the Cass Academy teaches very different steps. Better ones.
Maybe he was a little too intoxicated to remember his jigs properly?

Now, in closing, could someone answer a question for me?
The kids on "The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That" are brother and sister, right? or both are adopted?

I'm just curious.