Happy Texas Independence Day!

You could definitely give Texas some honor today by wearing your Texas clothes. Everyone has those right? Even if they don't live here or aren't from here? 
I know half of you are rolling your eyes right now, but one of the things I love, LOVE, about Texas is the pride that Texans have for it. Despite the humidity and the summers from hell, this state is AWESOME. Have you BEEN here??? GORGEOUS! (just don't go much further west of Dallas... And stay clear of Houston in the summer completely. We're pretty kind of a big deal, so there's a lot more to see, don't even worry!) 
I had a friend, not a Texan, tell me that Texas is the only state whose residences can get away with wearing their flag, and displaying it in any way possible, without looking like weirdos. 

'Tis a pretty flag.

I had a discussion once, with a different friend (also not a Texan), about how the rest of the 49 feel about us. He cracked me up when he said "I think the rest of the other United States' feelings about Texas is the same as the rest of the world's feelings about the United States." 
When I think of Texas pride though, I think of my friend Jeff Nicholas. He says things like "I don't care who you are, that's funny right there" and wears the occasional belt buckle (or at least he did in our adventuring days). I heard him defending Texas pride one time, and he launched into the story of the Alamo and the sacrifices that were made there so that we could be our own country, and eventually become the greatest state in the greatest nation :-) While the tour of the Alamo is boring (or at least it was when I was 3? I've been there plenty of times but haven't taken a tour since then?) it's a pretty amazing place to visit. And also, I've definitely heard the story of the Alamo used in a church devotional. By a non-Texan no less!! (although he did serve his mission in San Antonio, so he has a deep and abiding love for it)

Basically, the bottom line is, I was born here and I plan on dying here. 
(my great grandma, my dad's mom's mom, came to Texas right when she was about to deliver my grandma so that she could say she was a Texan. I love it.)

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