Some Of My Jams (And Rants)

This is me dragging my soap box over from the corner, dusting it off, and climbing onto it.

So put your pants on, buckle up, and get ready.


I wish I was not so dependent on mine, and that it wasn't so convenient, or else I would just flush it down the toilet or put it in the toilet and flush it repeatedly, in order to properly ruin it, fish it out, and throw it away (because it's probably not actually going to flush).
The thing I hate about them is you have to sign this 2 year contract with a brand new one, right? Emphasis on brand new. How long does yours last before it starts crapping out on you? My "best" one lasted 3 months (best in this case means worst. My best cell phone lasted about a year. Ridiculous). THREE. MONTHS. So I stuck it to the man and went and got a $20 go-phone which has lasted me well over a year (although it's starting to show signs of wear and tear as well...). My friend (I have more than one, just so you know) recently had a phone that died WELL before it's expiration date, and she had to lay down 180 bucks to get a new one! IT'S A TRAVESTY I TELL YOU!
And this carries over into many things. We have such fascinating and good technology now-a-days, and yet products don't last as long as they used to or should. I need someone to blame this on. The Red Hat Society?

Poor Mike. I rant about this about every 2 months or so. At least every time someone I know has a phone that goes out on them long before it's supposed to.

In other news, on my run today (in which I wore my white Nitro shirt with the Starbucks quote on the back of it; holla at the Nitro peeps!) the bluebonnets have succeeded in becoming even more ridiculous (ridiculous in this case means explodingly beautiful, not dumb phone that is dumb). And there were yellow butterflies and dragonflies, the color of said bluebonnets, aplenty, and as I ran they parted in front of me. It was magical. It probably would've been more magical if I had been some sort of cartoon princess, not a red faced, sweating mess that was jamming out to Ursher (2nd Disney princess reference in one week? weird). Also, I've noticed a few people this week that run or ride their bike with their dogs following next to them, off leash. In a funny coincidence, none of them look like they have blue heeler in them at all. This is why, when I take Pete to the very same trail, he is leashed, or else he'd be off partying in the creek. That weirdo.

And then I thought a bird pooped on my hair, but it was one of those bluebonnet dragonflies and I untangled it and it flew away. Again, probably would've been more magical as a cartoon.

Now I'd like to share some of my running jams with you. Just in case you're needing some motivation to get you up and moving. These work for walking too, but I recommend jogging and/or running to them.
Apply them liberally, especially when you're on the second half of your run and start to talk yourself out of it.

In order from most pop-filled to rock out/ready to box after listening to it:

(I also like to call this "The Best Song For Running Ever." If you ever get to see 311 do it live, well then...pat yourself on the back and come have pizza with me so we can talk about how awesome they are in concert. Also, you know any reason to look at Nick Hexum is a good reason))

And, okay, bonus, some Euro-pop (because, let's be honest, I love, LOVE, Euro-pop)
(please note how the lead singer looks like he should be in Guns and Roses, but...he's singing this song instead.)