Real Good Crackers

I'm not talking about nice, white people here.

I don't typically share recipes on this blog. That's for this one (which, currently, has two recipes that I need to get around to posting...)
But this is one of my favorite things to munch on, and it's easy, and it's not dessert-like so I figured I could share it around these parts.

Good Crackers 
(recipe courtesy of my momma in law)

1 box saltine crackers (all 4 sleeves)
1 cup oil (vegetable, olive, whatever; I like olive)
1 pkg dry dressing mix (ranch, Italian, whatever; I like Italian)
2-3 TB red pepper flakes

Pour all of the crackers into one of those giant roasting bag type things, carefully mind you. You don't want a lot of broken crackers.
Mix all the other ingredients in a bowl, then dump them into the bag with the crackers.
This part is crucial, close the bag.
Roll the bag around, don't shake it. You don't want a lot of broken crackers, we've already been over this.
Let it sit overnight, rolling the bag around occasionally. You know, just whenever you look at the bag and remember what you're doing with it.
And there you go.
Ta. Da.

I've done a quarter of this and a half of this in a gallon sized ziploc bag and it's worked great. Also, I go easy on the red pepper flakes, just because I don't like tons of heat (let me tell you, I'm a pansy with the heat).

Here's a blurry picture of them in a bag. You can use it for your next postcard.

The end.