Mamma Mia And Mazel Tov

Maggie and I saw interesting things on our walk yesterday.
2 of them were on bikes, one of them was wearing a visor, and one might have been superhero involved.

We saw what looks like the old guy from this scene (at the 2:00 mark, if you please), riding a bike:

And then what looked like a skinnier version of Lazar Wolf riding a bike. 
It was something akin to this:

(special thanks to Mike for photo shopping this without asking questions)

And then we saw what I can only assume is a late mid-life crisis. Or Guy Fieri's father.
A man, around his early 60's, wearing a visor. That part was okay. Out of the top of that visor was hair that was very gray with spiky, white, blindingly WHITE, tips. 
At what age should that stop? 
What am I saying? That's not acceptable no matter what age you are. 

Lance Bass called, he wants his hair back.

Then, THEN!, I noticed that the hand railing by one of the hills was bent in the middle. I thought "Who or what could've done that? The Hulk?" but I felt like the Hulk would've left a fist mark or something, and this was a totally smooth bend in the rail, like someone sat on it. And then I thought "Maybe someone DID sit on it. Someone...of substantial girth?"
Someone like Uncle Tom?
May he rest in peace.
You see, Uncle Tom was a large man. He was so large that, after they buried him the standard 6 feet, his casket went ahead and sunk a few more feet. We all had a good laugh about that.
So yeah, Uncle Tom. He was...spacious. 
Although he never did have a cabin. 

On a completely different note, do you know what annoys me, like a lot? When I'm listening to music on my computer and I end up on a blog that has music playing on it and at first I'm wondering why my music sounds so jumbley and then I realize that dumb blog has dumb music playing too. Ack.

This happened to me yesterday. And I would've been super annoyed except it was playing "The Theme From A Summer Place" which got me to laughing because one of mine and Mike's favorite scenes from "The Simpsons" (we're big fans, we've seen lots of scenes, so I'm talking one of our hands down, most favorite scenes EVER) is when Jasper auditions for Homer's a capella group. 

Please have a listen: