A Discussion On Lightness Of Foot

My mom told me about a link for ab exercises since that's my goal for April.
This is important information to know for today's post.

And NOW!, I present to you a text message conversation between myself and the woman who gave birth to me.

Me: Those ab exercises are fantastic!

Mom: Well, I started to look at them...didn't understand at all the figure 8 thing.

Me: Yeah! It's belly dancing! It was my favorite one!

Mom: Well you got all the dancing genes in the family... You took it all!

Me: Yeah what happened there?

Mom: This is not my fault! It's dad's...

Me: Oh he was terrible.

Mom: See?
(I thought about this for a second, then another thought occurred to me)

Me: Wait so what's your story then??

Mom: I can't dance without breaking bones.

Me: Oh yeah... I think this conversation needs to be blogged.

Mom: Probably not.

Me: Mwajajaja! That's me evil laughing in Spanish.

Mom: Oh my gracious!

The end.

True story, one time my mom broke her elbow while grapevining down the hall. And Dad choreographed a horrible dance to the song "Tear Drops Are Falling" from "Cry Baby." I use the term "choreographed" very loosely here. Like, he made it up in one minute and really there was only one dance move involved. Unfortunately, none of us have been able to replicate it. It was really quite hilarious to watch.

It's a wonder I ever placed at any of my feises...

They did successfully take ballroom dancing together, though, while mom was pregnant with Holly.