"You Crazy Mami!"

We did Zumba last night with the young women. It was pretty fantastic (it turns out a lot of the women I serve with have the ability to shake it, which delights me to no end).
About halfway through, our instructor busted out the Macarena which brought two things to my mind:

1.) Were any of these girls alive when this dance craze came into existence?


2.) In my church, the members are divided into congregations called wards or branches. Typically, a ward or branch has a set of missionaries assigned to it. In the ward I grew up in, we frequently had missionaries who did both English and Spanish because there are a lot, A LOT, of Spanish speaking people in the Tyler area. Anyways, I was about 11 or 12 when the Macarena became popular, and we happened to have a set of Spanish speaking elder (elder, here, refers to them being boys, not their age) missionaries in our ward. For some reason, these two had a habit of singing that song, in Spanish, over and over and over and over and over again... Really it was quite annoying. And got old fast. They were over at our house for dinner one night and my dad asked them about that song. They were about to tell him what it was REALLY about when they looked over at me, kind of like "oh we can't talk about it in front of the child," and changed the subject.

I immediately (in my mind, I wasn't one to voice my opinion so quickly at that age; unfortunately that has changed) had two issues with this situation:

a) I was 12 (or 11?), not an idiot. I was fully aware that the song was about a skank/possible prostitute. Anyone who heard the song could have figured it out.
b) If you're so concerned with talking about a song like that in front of a young girl, shouldn't you be concerned that you're singing a song about such things while SERVING A MISSION FOR THE LORD???
Really, I should've just called the mission president right then and expressed my feelings of outrage to him, but again, I was 11 (or 12?).

I don't know, maybe I'm whacked out in my thinking there, but my 12 (or 11?) year old frustration came back last night as I partook in the ridiculousness that is one of the worst dances ever.

But, I tell you what, I did some serious, SERIOUS, shimmying in the process. GOOD TIMES!

Not my picture, but the caption cracks me up.