G.I. Mike

I've come to a very deep, and scientific, conclusion that there is some sort of bio-chemical, ingrained something in my husband's brain that tells him to shave his head the day after I clean our bathroom.
I could probably look back on the past 3 or 4 times that he has shaved his head and it has always, ALWAYS I TELL YOU, been the day after I cleaned the bathroom.
Now, my Michael is very good at cleaning up after himself. But, BUT!, it's an entire head worth of hair, it is difficult to leave a counter and sink exactly as they were before.
I like to have at least a 24 hour window, after cleaning the bathroom, of the counter looking like civilized people live there, before all hell breaks loose for about 6 days and then the cycle starts back over again.

I guess I could clean my bathroom more frequently than once a week, but who the heck wants to do that?

I suppose I can count my blessings that this head shaving business only happens about as often as... oh whenever the fancy strikes him. But STILL!

I need to give Mike some credit here because, people, he is UH-TRACK-TIV with a shaved head.
I just have this thing for bald guys. I blame it on Handsome Rob. Or just Jason Statham in general, but mostly Handsome Rob. So I guess I could count my blessings, AGAIN, that I have a husband that can pull off having a shaved head?

Speaking of his head, he's going to read this and it's all going to go to his head and I will have a gross bathroom counter on a more frequent basis.
Why do I do this to myself?

Also, when he shaves his head you can see the scar above his forehead from when he was on his mission and they got into a Nerf fight and he jumped and hit his head on a ceiling vent (he's tall, remember?) and a podiatrist had to stitch it up for him.
(why do boys do dumb things on their missions like get stitches and sing stupid songs in Spanish? And carry around flying squirrels in their backpacks? My friend served his mission in Mongolia and he was given vodka to drink when he asked for water. A very exciting lesson about the word of wisdom was taught thereafter. I suppose, technically, it wasn't a dumb thing that he did, since he didn't know he was being served vodka until after taking a drink, but I just thought you'd all like to hear that story.)

Shouldn't Mike be getting some kind of purple heart benefits from the Nerf Council of War? Do you like the healthy, blue glow he develops after working out? Or from sitting in front of his laptop?
(my favorite thing about this picture is that it didn't faze him that his wife just started randomly taking pictures of him and telling him where to lean on his hand. I'm concerned my husband has become too used to the bizarre things that occur in his life.)