If I go too long without putting something, ANYTHING, on my blog, I get uncomfortable. I weep and wail and gnash my teeth. Sometimes clothes are rent, sometimes ash is smeared on faces. You just never know. It's kind of exciting.
If I go too long, I start getting text messages from my mom that say things like "I miss your blog." I haven't gotten one of those yet, so I guess I still have a couple of days or so before I have to post this?

So, I need to tell you. I was going through my posts to see if I had any drafts that got lost in the wood work, when I found that I did indeed have a couple of them. Here, let me show you what they said and then we can discuss/guess? what could have possibly been going through my head when I started said posts.

Item Number The One:
when we first got Pete, I didn't think he liked me until Mike told me he would run to the window and watch me drive away

That has not been doctored. That's what I put in a post. I'm guessing it was a subject that I was going to build on. Maybe it was another post about Pete? Maybe it was another post about Mike? Maybe, like pretty much every post, it was another post about me and my feelings? The truth is I really didn't think Pete liked me much for the first couple of weeks that we got him. When Mike told me that Pete would run to the front bedroom and watch me drive away everyday, I think I probably cried. Hard. Seriously, that dog takes up a HUGE piece of my heart.

Item Number The Two:
Josh (my nephew) decided to start calling Grandpa Bob (my dad) "Pappy." Unforunately, this was on the way from the church, where we just had Dad's funeral, to the cemetery, where he was being buried. My sister and I actually laughed and said "You're a little late Josh."

I could not even BEGIN to tell you where I was going with that one. But how hilarious is that? Poor Josh. Actually, at the cemetery, after the grave dedication and blah blah blah, Jeff pulls out a permanent marker and and starts writing a note on Dad's casket, so we all decide to sign Dad's casket. Is that weird? Have you met my family? It's kind of normal actually.
Josh definitely addressed his note to Pappy.

In other news, I was looking at some something the other day and saw a picture of cornbread rolls and I thought to myself "YEAH! Why DON'T I keep corn meal in my kitchen in case I want to make cornbread! Shouldn't that be a staple?!?!?!"

Also, for some reason, I've been staring at Mike a lot more? And feeling copious amounts of love? You see, I tend to think that my husband is ridiculously handsome. I've been told by others that they agree so I don't think I'm just being partial here (unless they were humoring me?). It's so strange. Okay, maybe it's the way things should be, but lately I just keep thinking "GEEZ! How lucky does a girl get??" I don't know how to properly convey the gratitude I have for a man who gets up every single day and goes to a job where he is miserable and under respected/paid, and then tirelessly looks for a better one so he can be happy and provide more for our family.
We went to the temple on Friday, and as I was kneeling across from him ("SEEEEEEALINGS! Nothing more than sealings!" Sometimes when I make up new words for songs they turn kind of blasphemous...) I kept thinking "He's wonderful and cute and looks good when he doesn't shave (I hope the Lord forgave him for showing up at His house with some scruff) and I'm stuck with him. WOO HOO!"

So, the bottom line is, I like my husband a lot.

Is anyone else as sick of my blogger's block as I am? Any day now. I'm waiting for the inspiration. It will come. Right? Cuz I got NOTHIN'.

Anything in particular that you've been dying to know about me?