A Book And A Doppleganger

Do you remember how Chuck Dickens and I became friends last month? Remember how he redeemed himself for all of his truly awful and depressing stories, by writing "A Christmas Carol?"

I am pleased, as punch, to present to you the "Wicked" of "A Christmas Carol."

It's such a fast read, it's not even funny. I think I read it in a day? Also, please be getting Kleenex. I cried in a very dainty way, but it caused some people (who shall remain nameless) to sob like Nancy Kerrigan getting her knees beat. I will leave it up to you to decide which way you would like to cry over this book.
It's good. So, so, SO good. And, I know, you're thinking "Sandi, that was so last month. You've moved on from Christmas and we've moved on and we're past ready to be putting things into organized tupperware, which is what one does after Christmas." And I would tell your thoughts "I know. I KNOW. But please, PLEASE, read this book. But only AFTER you've read 'A Christmas Carol.' That part is crucial. So, reader's thoughts, please keep these two books in your heart, for later use this year when Christmas rolls around again." 
And then the communication between me and your thoughts would be over because at this point it might start to get weird.


Not the end.

I have the best news. I know that everyone has been wondering "What IF Sandi's giant husband, Mike, had a missing vampire celebrity twin? What WOULD he look like???" 
Again, Good. News. Darius (my newer edition of older brother, that means he's the younger older brother) saw some comedian named Anthony Jeselnik? and promptly texted me by saying "Look at this guy and tell me if he looks like he could be Mike's brother!" This happened about two months ago and I can't believe I would let something so extraordinary pass in my life without sharing with all of you. You all just dote on me so. (awkward pause....) Anyways, I remembered it today! And actually I remember initially thinking "I've already met about 6 guys who look like they could be Mike's brother. They're called his cousins." (I'm not exaggerating. They all look like they come from the same family. Okay, so they do, but, you know?)

And now, a presentation for which you should ponder:

Right? You see it? Celebrity vampire twin? 

That picture of us is OLD. Like, weren't even engaged yet.

Anyways, look at pictures of Mike, look at more pictures of his celebrity vampire twin. You'll see it, the Spirit will confirm it, and you will know it is true.